Streaming online 4K video or back to a Flash video player

Original author: Gerd Hilgemann
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Just yesterday, Gerd Hilgemann published the result of his work on streaming 4K video. As stated in his original note (this is a translation topic, a link to the demo inside):
He completed work on a live demo of 4K video streaming (3840x2160), which was made possible thanks to Flash technology, more specifically multithreading, Stage3D and StageVideo. Repeat this on HTML5 failed.
I used HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) as a container for streaming and mpegTS for video decoding, which was also implemented on Flash.

For broadcasting, you don’t need a special server, and the processor load is 40% lower than on YouTube!

For backward compatibility on mobile devices, video is transmitted in 720p format and consumes only 1.5 Mbps. Believe it or not, 4K video only uses 3.5Mbps .

So far I have managed to test on ATI and Nvidia video cards, and I also can’t wait to see Red 4K Player (I understand this is about a translator) and its SDK :)

I want to add on my own that I’m still not used to watching 1080p online, so the 4K perspective makes me happy and scary. Although probably my fear of this is not comparable with the expectations on this score from such giants of streaming video as YouTube, Vimeo , and RedTube .

Link to demo

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In what format do you watch streaming video?

  • 76.5% When possible, then at 1080p or 720p, otherwise - in which they will give 2108
  • 5.1% only 1080p, only hardcore! 143
  • 15.4% I never watch streaming HD, enough and 320p / 480p 425
  • 2.8% 4K :) 79

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