About Sony Xperia Z at CES 2013

    Sony was not easy to enter the smartphone market: the legacy of the "brand for two" - Sony Ericsson - hung with weights and the previous line came out slurred.

    Despite the fact that we criticized the 2012 Xperia series (with which we have not yet managed to knock down the Sony Ericsson round nameplate), it is very cool that the company still has sales, thanks in large part to the waterproof V-series smartphone. Its successful positioning as the "first dust and water tight Android-smartphone" and the right price did the trick.

    Now at CES 2013, the Japanese showed what they had been waiting for so long: their first truly solo product, the flagship 5-inch smartphone Xperia Z. It turned out to be uncompromising and charismatic, truly “sonistic”.


    Yes! There he is! It’s not clear how Sony does this: it seems that LG Optimus G was just in its hands - it’s also all so rectangular and brutal, but Sony somehow has everything ... differently.


    A new PR legend says that this design is called OmniBalance, and the word Omni, meaning “everything” in Latin, means in this context that “the design is balanced and symmetrical”. Roughly speaking, the phone can be held in any way, and that same notorious experience (sorry for this word) will be the same on all sides. But this is all the lyrics, and the personal tactile sensations are as follows: very cool! It is comparable to the feeling that arises when you take the iPhone in your hand. The case is thin - 7.9 mm thick, and the phone itself weighs 146 grams, i.e. almost not felt.


    In total there are three colors of the case: black, white, purple. But white is definitely the best, it looks most neat, largely due to the fact that fingerprints are almost invisible on it.



    The main problem of modern incubator Android smartphones is the widespread use of plastic, and Sony was expecting something unusual. Please: the Xperia Z case is made of tempered glass, and the frame along the contour is made of polyamide fiberglass, whatever that means. Metal is used moderately in the construction; everything is very solid, rich, thoroughbred.

    Here, for example, looks like an aluminum power button: it is raised, it is pressed nicely, with little effort, it looks stylish and old-school

    Sony continues to operate the chip with moisture resistance and dust protection: the smartphone is made according to IP55 and IP57 standards (yes, they stress that both certificates are received), which means that it can immerse for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. Accordingly, all connectors are covered with tight plugs, including a microSIM card slot.



    We have not seen the best in smartphones yet - it's just fantastic! Five trendy FullHD inches in Sony terminology are called Reality Display, I just want to write “Retina Display”.


    The screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 has the highest definition among all smartphones on the market with a density of 443 pixels per inch. Color rendering and color saturation are very cool, for which respect is already the second iteration of Mobile BRAVIA Engine technology. OptiContrast technology is also used, combining two chips familiar from the previous line: the absence of an air gap (No Air Gap) and a thinner “sandwich” of the screen, in which there is no single layer (sensors are applied directly to the protective glass, making the screen thinner and more sensitive to clicks )


    If the company uses the achievements of its television department in the display, then when developing the camera, the technologies of the photo / video department were used. And again, Sony sets a record: the Xperia Z uses an Exmor RS matrix specially developed for this 13 megapixel smartphone that supports HDR mode not only for photos, but also for video, for the first time on the market. Accordingly, good pictures should be obtained both against the light, and in conditions when the picture is very contrasting. Well, in poor lighting conditions, the pictures should also be suitable, because a new noise reduction system is used here.


    The front camera (2 megapixels), by the way, also supports HDR. It is also stated that the Sony Xperia Z is the best Point-and-Shoot camera phone when you do not need to configure anything in advance: the camera automatically determines the best shooting mode and sets the appropriate settings. It's easy to believe, because the best soap dish on the market is the Sony RX100, which works perfectly in point-and-shoot mode.


    The Xperia Z camera supports fast shooting: 10 frames per second with a resolution of 9 megapixels, and the time and number of frames is unlimited - you can shoot until the memory runs out. Finally, you can take pictures right while shooting a video without interrupting the process and without switching to another mode. But this is no longer news.


    Of course, the smartphone runs on the latest, 4-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, the other from Sony's flagship could not be expected. Two gigabytes of RAM, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and support for microSD-cards, all this without question. Zedka can work in LTE networks (Russian networks are supported) and is equipped with an NFC module. Using NFC, it is proposed, for example, to output a picture to BRAVIA TVs, since all new Sony remote controls will support NFC, and will quickly connect the smartphone to the TV. And the long-range infrared port is built into the Xperia ZL model, so that with it you can control any TV or other device directly.

    As for software, in addition to Sony’s own WALKMAN application, the gallery and video player have been redesigned, they now have a new interface and various mini-improvements, for example, the ability to zoom in the gallery in the thumbnail view mode.


    A non-removable battery, quite capacious - it is 2400 mAh, which is logical for such a device with a bright display. It is alleged that the STAMINA technology used in Xperia Z extends the standby time by four times, but this, of course, needs to be checked. You can independently choose programs that will work in STAMINA mode. There is also a quick charge function, but we do not have exact data on it yet.


    Two contacts on the left side of the case hint that they should put the gadget in the docking station - horizontally, like a TV. So it is, and to install the gadget you do not need to push back the plugs, so as not to unblock them on a waterproof smartphone once again. The docking station is included in the package, and it will be the same color as the smartphone itself. And in the kit there will be very good Sony EX300ap headphones, which, if you buy them separately, cost 2000-2500 rubles.


    Xperia Z vs Xperia ZL

    In addition to Xperia Z at CES 2013 was announced Xperia ZL. At first, they were afraid that the story would be repeated with the official James Bond smartphone Sony Xperia T, which had never arrived in Russian retail, and the TX model was being sold instead. But the second time Sony did not step on the same rake: both smartphones will be sold in Russia.

    ZL is for those who like a more traditional design. By filling, smartphones are identical, but the ZL is smaller in size. With the same diagonal of the display, it has a thinner frame and in general Sony reported that it is a smartphone with the smallest frame among all competitors (apparently, they considered usable area). The ZL has a ribbed rear surface, there are two body colors (white and black), the model is not waterproof and there will be no docking station. But the built-in infrared port, which is described above. ZL will cost a little less than Z. We will tell you about this smartphone separately.


    Android smartphones have recently become similar to each other, testing gadgets on this platform, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling of deja vu. But still he appeared - the first Android-smartphone that you want to buy for personal use. Xperia Z is Sony’s most powerful comeback, returning the brand to the top league of the mobile phone market at once. And apart from Motorola DROID, which did not enter the Russian market, the Sony Xperia Z is the best thing that has happened with Android.

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