How Wasserman affects sales on your site

    In search of a recipe for maximizing conversion, we conducted a social experiment. On the site of our friends and customers who sell bowling pins, we posted a callback widget , but slightly changed the logo.
    First, we hung a photo of the operator’s girl, then the guy, after which we placed a photo of Anatoly Wasserman on the widget. We asked each client who ordered the call: “Who did they expect to talk to when ordering a call?”


    Experiment progress

    Three images participated in the experiment:



    First, we placed an image of a girl instead of a logo and interviewed the first 30 clients about whose voice they expected to hear.

    • 19 people said they expected to hear the girl's voice;
    • 2 clients said they expected to hear the guy’s voice, explaining that the guys in their opinion should sell the pins;
    • 5 - they said that they did not think about it.
    • the remaining 4 did not even hope that they would be called back.

    Most of the votes (more than 63%) were in favor of a female voice, but we still couldn’t say that we got such a result because the widget had a photo of a cameraman.
    Then we changed the picture to a photo of a guy, and 30 customers were also interviewed.

    • 17 of them said they expected to hear a male voice
    • 5 people still hoped to talk with a girl
    • 6 people said they did not think about it.
    • 2 did not even hope that they would be called back.

    This time again, the majority of the votes were for the image in the picture. Thus, the survey showed that users still pay attention to the logo, and expect to talk specifically with who is depicted on it.
    To confirm this hypothesis, we replaced the image of the operator guy with a photograph of Anatoly Alexandrovich Wasserman, and asked who this time a new group of clients expected to talk to.

    • 11 - expected to hear a serious male voice;
    • 9 - they said that they ordered a call back only because they wanted to talk with Anatoly Wasserman;
    • 5 - they said that they did not think about it;
    • 3 - wanted to hope to hear a female voice;
    • 2 - did not even hope that they would be called back;

    We assume that 11 users who expected to hear a male voice simply did not understand who is shown in the picture. Therefore, we will add them to the group of those who expected to talk with the one shown in the picture.


    By the way, if we analyze the time during which we received the first 30 calls in each case, then, oddly enough, but the fastest customers we had with the girl’s logo. Here is how the waiting time was distributed:


    As we can see from the graph, the guy was the most not popular among our customers. The image of a famous person on the widget logo had a positive effect on call conversion. At the same time, the callers hoping to talk with Wasserman were in a very good mood, and even when they heard a different voice, their mood remained positive. Each of 9 customers made an order.
    The most popular was the image of a girl, probably due to the fact that 90% of clients are men.
    Thus, our experiment showed that the image on the widget affects the expectation of most customers and the conversion of calls. In our cases, the proportion of those who expected to hear the one depicted on the widget was 62.5%. Therefore, test what you show the user and find the best for you.
    For the store selling the skittle, we left an image of a girl operator. And what is shown on the callback widget in your online store?



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