Tool for offline ordering in the online store

    PHPShop online stores open up new online trading opportunities. For example, one of our latest developments has become an interactive price list , which is an MS Excel file that is automatically filled on the basis of the store’s catalog with an integrated virtual basket.

    The file is placed in the online store, the buyer can download it and place an order directly from the Excel file. In fact, the buyer can get acquainted with the entire range of the online store and decide on the order without having access to the Internet. The opportunity will please wholesale customers who will get rid of the need to search for the right products on the pages of the online store catalog.

    To add to the basket now it’s enough to put the quantity of goods in the price column, after which a virtual basket is formed with a transition to the store’s website, where the order is already being processed. Visually working with an interactive price list is shown in a short video presentation:

    The interactive price list allows the buyer:

    1. make quick catalog navigation using bookmarks with directory names;
    2. when you hover over the column with the name of the product and if there is an image, view it from the site
    3. when you click on a product, go to the full description of the product on the site;
    4. add goods to the basket in any quantity;
    5. form an order basket;
    6. go to the site with a ready order for registration.


    The owner of the online store can personalize the price list by setting the output settings for pictures and price columns, the number of products, the size of pictures, units of measure, as well as select a specific color scheme.

    The price list file (.exe) and the macro have a digital signature that protects them from being blocked by antiviruses.

    In addition, for PHPShop stores with 1C: Enterprise synchronization, there is an interactive price list that is filled on the basis of the nomenclature. Both price lists, together with the Shop2СD utility , form a single software package for off-line orders.

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