Walking robot from China set a record for walking distance

    There are many robots now, and there are many good robots too. True, some of these systems are created only to set a record. So, the walking robot Xingzhe No.1 recently set a record for walking distance. Actually, this robot can only walk, and nothing more. Its name is translated from Chinese as “walker”.

    For 54 hours, the robot walked along the same sports track in the gym. Xingzhe No.1 had no obstacles - the track is smooth, the sports hall is indoor. For more than two days, the robot took about 360 thousand steps, covering a distance of 133 kilometers. After that, the system simply ran out of batteries. Nevertheless, the goal set by the developers has been achieved - the achievement of the robot fell into the Guinness Book of Records.

    The robot is very similar to the previous record holder -Ranger Robot , which in 2011 covered 64 kilometers in 31 hours.

    Neither robot carries any practical load. They were created, as mentioned above, exclusively for walking, to establish a record. Nevertheless, robotics can draw some conclusions that are useful for themselves. Well, for example, how simple a walking system can be, or how long a robot can provide with a regular battery.

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