Unusual headphones: a selection of unique devices for all occasions

Yesterday's news about the Orpheus headphones for $ 55,000 finally fit into my head, and while you decide whether to buy them or not, we have prepared a selection of original and slightly more budget options. Under the cut: hat, bandage, "beacons", heart rate monitor and others.

For the winter

Listening to music through a hat is not very cool; droplets under the headgear - not always comfortable; sacrifice a hat for your beloved group - it's pretty cold! The British brand BE Headwear has taken into account the wishes of those who are not ready to part with the player and offered caps with integrated headphones starting at £ 40 .

The assortment is stylish, including sports hats and headbands that are oriented to the British winter.


Headphones, by the way, have long been not uncommon, and surprisingly, their number is constantly growing. One of the latest projects is the Tundra Band , which is not very successful so far.

The beginning of this form of headband was laid all on the same Kickstarter brand by AcousticSheep.

During sports, the headphones will not rub, fall out, help keep hair like a bezel, and also absorb sweat. The sound emitters themselves are easily removable, and the bandage can be washed.


Among the sports headphones there is a category of “safe”, “bright” and “shiny”, in other words: for which something is burning. “Spark” in this niche was lit by Glow - headphones from Kickstarter with a luminous wire.

The cost of pre-order on the official website is$ 169 .

There are simpler ones - 4id . Their wires do not burn, but only the droplets themselves, and they cost 999 rubles.


Sports headphones-heart rate monitor known primarily by the brand Jabra. The wireless model is paired with an application for:

Where statistics of your workouts, distance, speed, route information and, of course, heart rate are displayed. It costs Jabra - 13 990 rubles .


Another Kickstarter project : The Dash’s fully wireless headphones, which are packed with so many sensors that any advanced fitness tracker will envy.

Headphones monitor physical activity, send notifications, let you control music and calls, and measure key vital signs. The model will cost - 18 900 rubles . Estimated start date for sales is March of the coming year.


Website for some reason lieshowever there they cost $ 400. Unusual "model constructor" with two emitters: for low frequencies and for medium and high and low-pass crossover filter. However, both critics and fans of the brand agree on one thing - the model is unusually stylish, and if one measures the quality of the headphones like that, then they would become "Number 1". Short review on GizMag .

Bluez 2S

Not all headphones cover your ears, and Aftershokz Bluez2 is one of them. It works on the basis of bone conduction technology, when the sound is converted into mechanical vibrations, and they already pass through the bone to the inner ear, which allows you to leave the auricles open.

Headphones have become very popular among athletes, as they gave them an advantage in terms of security, and this form of sound reception made it possible to hear extraneous noise: dogs barking, the signal of cars, as well as talking on the phone without being distracted by a smartphone.

And again - a hat.

And another sports project - AudioNoggin . Integrated bluetooth headphones are also offered primarily to athletes because they do not cover their ears. Judging by the photos of the prototypes that were exhibited on Kickstarter , we are also talking about bone conduction technology. The campaign was not successful.

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