SMP ON-Bank: Savings

    Hello habra
    We continue the conversation about our multifunctional Internet bank “SMP ON-Bank”. Today we will focus on the section “Savings”, which consists of two subsections - “Property” and “Financial goals”.
    Its main purpose is to give a person comprehensive information about the state of his finances. After all, what do we usually mean when we think about our well-being? The cash that is in our wallet, and the funds on the cards and in deposits. But that is not all! Many of us have property, the value of which should also be taken into account. If this is not an apartment, a summer residence, a car, then, say, almost everyone has a computer, TV, mobile phone. And many also have jewelry made of precious metals and stones, the total cost of which is not so small, if you think about it.
    And this is not all the functionality of the section! With it, you can also save up for something you need ... ... or not very necessary, but very desirable.
    Subsection "Property" allows you to account for property in cash. Here you can enter the estimated value of your property (house, apartment, car, valuables, etc.). How to do it:
    By clicking on the beautiful emerald "Add Property" button on the "Property" tab,
    you will find yourself in the sub-section of the same name.
    When you click on the "Add Property" hyperlink, a window will appear where you need to enter the name of the property, its estimated value (how much it costs, according to your assessment) and the date of the assessment.
    After clicking on the “Add” button, the data will be updated - and the new property will be added to the list and displayed on the diagram.
    To edit the property, you need to click on the pen icon image; to delete - to the X icon.
    Property data is also displayed in the My Welfare information panel.
    In the “Financial Goals” subsection, you can make planned purchases, observe how the process of accumulating funds is going, and adjust it if necessary.
    Make a list of goals to take into account when planning the budget and use it for motivation: when you want to once again lower money for something, imagine how the schedule will bring you closer to the cherished goal if you postpone this amount :)
    Algorithm for entering into the financial system of goals is similar to the algorithm for registering property:
    By clicking on the beautiful emerald button "Create Goal" on the tab "Financial Goals"
    You will be taken to the subsection of the same name.
    When you click on the "Create a new goal" hyperlink, a window will appear where you need to enter the name, amount and term by which you want to complete the accumulation of funds.
    After clicking on the "Create" button, the data will be updated - and a new target will appear in the list. It remains only to regularly add information to the system about how much money is saved for its implementation. To do this, click on the icon, indicate how much has been deferred, and click on the "Add" button.
    The graph shows how much money has already been accumulated, and how much is left.
    To edit a financial goal, you need to click on the pen icon; to delete - to the X icon.

    When launching SMP ON-Bank a month and a half ago, we announced a competition for the best review (by the way, hawkers, you can also participate! :)). Here, we share with you one of the opinions that came to us: “It is really very convenient to save money using SMP ON-Bank. I’ve been thinking about buying a tablet for a long time, but I still couldn’t accumulate the required amount: I spent it on this, then this. SMP ON-Bank helped me pull myself together and regularly save money for the purchase. It is very nice to see how the accumulated amount approaches 100%. And the tablet is now mine! ”
    Quick accumulations to you!

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