Glif: We shoot on the iPhone correctly

Many of you know about the project of collective financing of interesting ideas - Kickstarter . One of such well-funded ideas was the Glif project , an accessory that allows you to mount your iPhone on standard tripods and more. His success story is a separate song, but not about that. In short, I knew about the project back in the fall of 2010. Good idea, what else can I say? The news ran through thematic blogs and I forgot about the project until April 13 this year. It just so happened that on that day I became the owner of Glif.

In fact, I became the actual owner of Glif almost a month later, but first things first. The day was quite ordinary, the real spring was somehow late and I was drinking coffee looking at the dull picture outside the window. Suddenly, as they say, for some reason I remembered about this accessory, and after 5 minutes I clicked on the Check out with PayPal button on the project website .

The price of the accessory is $ 20 + $ 10 shipping from the USA to Moscow. 882 rubles were written off from my account, and a day later a letter came from the developers. They were pleased to report that they carried and sent my purchase through USPS First-Class Mail International. The expected arrival date, by the way, was also indicated - around April 22-28. The letter also contained a link for tracking the package. The next day, she left the United States, and there was no other information there.

The parcel was a couple of weeks late from the promised date, but for the Russian Post the result is very good. The packaging found in the envelope is made in a minimalist style - a simple but pretty cardboard with an accessory inserted. There are no instructions or anything else in the package, but the instructions for use are beaten in the design on the cardboard itself.

Glif is made of Santoprene and does not scratch the case. For the same reason, it is difficult to break, it is plastic and is not much afraid of being in a bag under something heavy. iPhone lays down in it tight enough, but it does not give a 100% guarantee on hold. If the combination of circumstances is not successful, the probability remains that the smartphone will jump out of the accessory, although this moment is quite simple to predict. Glif geometry itself is very well calculated. Function buttons and a connector are always available, unless Glif is put directly on the corner with the buttons, but even then, due to the notches on the inside, the fit remains high.

In my opinion, the main function of Glif is the tripod mount. But, as the developers actually intended, it can be used as a stand for more comfortable reading on the surface, watching a movie, and so on. In any case, it is always nice when the device, even in standby mode, looks at you, and not just lies on the table. With a small tripod, the iPhone can be raised to a certain height and set as a second monitor, although this is said loudly. It is very convenient to make video calls via Skype, placing a tripod nearby and continuing to work on the computer.

But back to the main function of Glif. The developers themselves claimed that the iPhone was literally the best camera they had. It is clear that if we talk about the photo, this is far from the case. Any DSLR performs its tasks an order of magnitude better than the iPhone, and having a large tripod but not having a camera is at least strange. But when I bought Glif, I didn’t even think about taking pictures. What really interested me was shooting a video with a smooth ride and without shaking the frame. There is no video in my DSLR, but the soap box does poorly. Here with 720p in the iPhone and there is nothing to compare. A visual illustration of these words is the channel on Vimeo. Movies created using iPhone 4.

From the foregoing, I can draw the following conclusion: A good, very high-quality thing. The price, in my opinion, is somewhat overpriced, but the purchase fully met expectations and I look forward to when Glif helps me shoot some beautiful video.

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