Self-guided offer

    How to make a quotation work, even when you sleep? Get the ad networks to “talk” about your offer constantly. Become omnipresent in the eyes of the client.

    Today I want to share an effective technique for those who send commercial offers to their customers by e-mail.

    We use it in some of our projects and it works off with a bang.

    I will describe in steps what needs to be done to implement the idea:

    Pack your KP in the landing

    Create a landing page that outlines the essence of your proposal. The landing page must have an understandable next step. For example, leaving a request.

    Prepare a letter in which there is a link and an offer to read KP by clicking on it

    For example:

    Set all possible retargeting codes on the landing page (Yandex Metrica, VKontakte retargeting code, Google remarketing tag, Counter

    How to do this, you can see in my video on the megamind here .

    Set up ad campaigns in all of the above ad networks

    I also told how to do this in the video. Look here

    A potential client receives a CP, follows the link

    As soon as the recipient of KP gets on your landing with a commercial offer, all retargeting codes record it in their databases.

    A potential customer sees your ad everywhere

    Visiting sites that are part of the Yandex Advertising Network, the Google Display Network, social networks, a potential client everywhere sees your ad.

    Customer thinks you are omnipresent

    Goes through advertising on your KP and leaves a request.

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