on the iPhone keyboard turns

    Quite unexpectedly, at the end of last week it became known about one undocumented “feature” of the iPhone communicator, which, we are sure, we all lacked. This is a ".com" key on the device’s virtual keyboard.

    Using it, you can speed up the input of addresses in the browser quite strongly, but how often do you visit sites in the .com zone? Where as often have to type .ru pens.

    We have repeatedly heard calls to RiP Dev to somehow correct this injustice, but nothing needs to be done - everything has already been done and done by Apple itself.

    So, in the localization parameters, we activate two layouts (most often English and Russian), then go to the browser, type in the address of the site you are looking for, then press and hold the .com key, which after a second will show a drop-down menu ...

    Now it remains only a matter of technology - without lifting your finger from the screen, select .ru.

    We tried to experiment with layouts, as a result of which it was found out: three domains could not be called in this way (for example, .ru, .com and .de). Either Apple didn’t work, or so it was intended.

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