10 facts about INFOSTART

    The first Web 2.0 community of users and programmers 1C.
    The project is aimed at attracting and interacting with such diverse audiences as: novice programmers, experienced software developers on the one hand, and accountants, economists, managers, IT department heads, commercial and financial directors on the other.

    • 18032 users have been registered since the launch of the Infostart project - everything for 1C . About 500 new people come to us every week. 16584 people participate in the newsletter subscription.
    • 5579 site visits were on Monday, January 14, 2008. On average, there are about 3,000 visitors to the site every day.
    • 1513 downloaded programs, 241 articles were written in blogs, 245 bookmarks were posted - and all this is only for 1C. Every week about 20 programs are added and 50 programs are updated.
    • 19897 pluses were put by visitors for the entire period of the portal’s existence, after the introduction of the minuses, they were delivered only 175 times.
    • 420,000 page views per month, the main views are on the program and the forum.
    • 7,500 rubles was spent on the initial design of the site that the web studio developed for us, we did not even make it up. The second design cost us 10,000 rubles, but we changed it two months after the opening. We did not go to web studios anymore. Two years ago I did not know the markup language html and css, I had to learn, as a result, the current view of the portal. Many people like it;).
    • The volume of transactions through Infostart in 2007 increased by 10 times compared with 2006. Over 300 authoring projects worth more than 1 million rubles have been sold.
    • 5 people work on Infostart.
    • 2 years since the opening of the site. Our date of birth is January 16, 2006. Can this be considered a “startup” - I don’t know. In two years, much has been done, both in terms of the functionality of the site and its promotion. We organized parties for 1C programmers, held the first bowling tournament “Do not drive balls to roll,” rolled on a yacht in the Gulf of Finland. In principle, there is something to remember.
    • 1 programmer. The programmer’s functionality has been working all this time by one programmer, we keep his name a secret, since he has the main work. The entire portal engine was written by him “from scratch”. There were several attempts to switch to a typical CMS, but each time they stopped. I still don’t know if this is correct or not.

    Your humble servant is support aka Tsydenov Dorzhi, I combine the functions of a director and a layout designer :).

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