Bad interface examples

    I’ll say right away that I don’t consider myself an expert in usability issues, and I would not give advice to developers of interfaces how and what to do, but in this blog I would just like to show you something that definitely does not need to be done.

    An automated system that actually operates at one of the enterprises was chosen as a bad example.

    1. Before you window of the program for accounting payments. To account for payments, a special register opens every day, in which each payment made on that day is displayed. Operators, as you know, are also people, and during the day they can make mistakes.
    To cancel the entered entry, use the “Return” button, and pay attention exactly next to this button is another “Close the registry”, which accordingly closes the registry, and for good, so that no further changes can be made with it.

    2. In my opinion, one example of a disgusting implementation of an interface is a drop-down list that serves to select a billing period that contains entries of the form: January 2007, February 2007, March 2007 ...., and this list has been maintained from 2003 to the present day.

    3. Well, the third example, just funny, turned out apparently as a result of the carelessness of the developers, but nevertheless continues to work to this day. Everything is very simple, the checkbox property is set (disable, do not disable), and its value is duplicated in the text line.
    And what do we see in the text line?

    Well, for greater reliability, the opposite is true:

    And there are more and more such masterpieces created by Russian developers every day, and without any further product support.

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