The global VoIP market has tripled over the year

    The number of VoIP telephony users is growing every year and, according to In-Stat , last year it grew by as much as 34 million: from 16 million subscribers to more than 50 million. At the same time, the number of chatting on the phone over the Internet in Europe increased by 14 million , while in the USA in 2006 - by 4 million.

    Based on information from previous years, In-Stat analysts predict an increase in the user VoIP market from $ 15 billion to $ 44 billion over five years. However, the share of America, they say, will be no more than 18%.

    In 2011, about 38% of all households connected via broadband channels will use VoIP. Let's see if such optimistic forecasts come true.

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