Mozilla is going to separate Thunderbird into a separate organization

    Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker asks the community for further development of the Thunderbird open mail client project. Baker himself offers the public three options for developing Thunderbird, including the creation of a new organization like the Mozilla Foundation .

    Mitchell writes that Thunderbird is overshadowed by "the monstrous energy and huge community that has formed around Firefox," which results in Thunderbird not getting the attention it deserves.

    To solve the problem, Mitchell Baker offers the following options:
    1. Create a nonprofit organization like the Mozilla Foundation - Thunderbird Foundation;
    2. Create a Mozilla Foundation affiliate dedicated to the development and promotion of Thunderbird;
    3. Launch Thunderbird as a community project (like SeaMonkey) and create small independent divisions and a consulting company through Thunderbird developers to continue developing and protecting Thunderbird users.

    Thunderbird has many of its users (I myself use this email client), but this client did not receive even a small part of the popularity that Firefox browser achieved at its front. It is hoped that with the new course, Thunderbird will gain more functionality and become a great alternative to Outlook.

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