Mobile SSH / Telnet

    MidpSSH - SSH and Telnet client for MIDP 1.0 / 2.0 (J2ME) devices. Or simply put - server management from the phone. If there is a problem with the server, and you are far from the computer, then you definitely need it

    Saving sessions:
    Saving Sessions

    Moving the cursor with the keyboard or joystick:

    ... or you can rotate the screen 90˚

    Key features

    • Support SSH1 / SSH2 and Telnet
    • Saving Sessions
    • Macros for frequently entered commands
    • Interactive input mode, input of special characters, control buttons and combinations
    • Movement of the cursor with the keyboard or joystick
    • VT320 terminal emulation
    • Traffic report
    • Open Source (GPL)

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