Taiwan wants to create its own IT brands

    Taiwanese factories are not going to work all their lives "uncle" and sell their own products under foreign brands. Moreover, the small island is not able to compete with the great China, where many large orders for microchips and electronics are gradually moving, and the number of factories there is growing exponentially. Under such conditions, successful Taiwanese firms have no choice but to enter the market on their own. According to experts, this is the most important task facing the entire economy of the country in the coming years, NY Times writes .

    High-tech products account for 70% of Taiwan's exports. Today it is the world's largest manufacturer of laptops and LCD panels. It is home to two of the world's largest chip subcontractors, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation. The island has three large technology parks, founded in 1980, 1996 and 2003, with a total of 440 companies registered there.

    The profitability of Taiwanese companies is decreasing every year, and the turnover is now growing not by tens of percent, as in previous years, but by modest units of percent. The lion's share of profit is taken by customers - Dell, Apple and others - who own brands and patents, but actually do not produce anything. For example, in Dell laptops, the manufacturer takes away only 5% of the retail price of the product, while Dell's share is about 20%.

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