NVIDIA introduced its own SHIELD game console

    Quite unexpectedly for many professionals and amateurs, Nvidia introduced its own game console, which, quite possibly, will become very popular this year. The device, as you might expect, is based on the Tegra 4 platform (there was already news about this platform on Habré ). The console has several interesting features.

    Firstly, it is a productive device with a 5-inch display (720p resolution), two stereo speakers, USB, mini-HDMI ports, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot. There is also a wireless Wi-Fi module 802.11n 2x2 MIMO. The operating system is Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). The developers preinstalled the Shield service (thanks to which the console got its name), with access to the Tegra Zone.

    The most interesting thing is that the device allows you to play both Android games and regular PC games. How is this possible? The fact is that SHIELD can work with a desktop PC, sending the data necessary for rendering to the desktop (if any) with a video card of the class GeForce GTX 650 and higher. In this console has common features with services such as OnLive and Gaikai, only all data is sent not to the "cloud", but to the local desktop. Of course, this is also a minus - after all, not everyone who wants to get such a console has a rather powerful personal computer.

    By the way, you can play, not only on the console screen, but also on any other display or TV, provided that such a TV is connected to the console. The image on the TV is transmitted with a resolution up to 4K (Ultra HD).

    The game console will go on sale no earlier than the second quarter of this year. It is still unknown how much all this will cost. But you have to think a lot.

    Via NVIDIA

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