New polymer transforms into buttons / vibro / speakers

    The not very well-known company Strategic Polymers presented its achievements, a new polymer and devices based on it, which may become one of the most notable achievements of this year. The fact is that the substance created by the company can, if necessary, form a voluminous keyboard with a reverse response, vibro for the phone or even a speaker. Moreover, all this can be formed from a single polymer layer deposited on a specific area of ​​a device.

    The substance created by the efforts of the company's employees is a type of electromechanical polymers (EMP). When exposed to a thin layer of this substance, you can get the following:

    Deformation: The polymer can turn into a key / keyboard with a button thickness of 3 mm with a reverse response. At the same time, the guaranteed number of clicks (before the keyboard fails) is 10 million.

    Vibration: at a certain frequency, a substance can vibrate, and the entire layer at once, and not some specific part. But you can also make it vibrate, for example, a separate formed “button”, thus creating the effect of feedback from the user.

    Sound: yes, from this EMP you can form a speaker that can play any sounds, including simple beeps and / or full melody playback.

    At the same time, one layer of plastic can form a keyboard, a vibro, and a speaker. All this sounds a little strange, but, according to the manufacturer, this is the case. At the same time, the cost of polymer is very moderate, which will allow you to create inexpensive solutions for modern electronic devices.

    Here's a video showing how EMP works from Strategic Polymers (thanks to SteelRat ):

    Via DVICE

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