When someone says "this is impossible", it means - how real!

    What challenging tasks our developers did not face, and what kind of projects did not come to our development, and we do not say “no” to these tasks. Why?

    Today we are 150. Exactly a year ago we were 72. Impossible? Really. Our project portfolio includes the largest players in the global financial markets. And this is natural.

    There are several conditions that, when fulfilled, we gain confidence in our abilities, in the potential of the team and that we will do everything:
    1. together and
    2. as needed.

    1. The selection of personnel at all levels.
    Each company needs highly qualified employees. It would be nice if they did not have to be taught, trained, trained for a long time at the cost of mistakes ... Is it good? Is an ideal employee always ready to surrender to a new job by 110 percent (100 percent of working time + a piece of soul)? Not always.
    We, of course, employ experienced developers, quality engineers and other specialists as a team. But we are also ready to open our doors to young talents whose willpower allows them to study at work and work several times more productively after several months of practical training and work. This is our future, which we do not want to sacrifice :)

    2. Professional training and certification.
    Sure, training is needed. It expands our knowledge, develops skills, gives us new perspectives, and raises our self-esteem. Therefore, we often hold training seminars and workshops in our office on various technologies, tools or development and testing methods. Our senior and leading developers are happy to share their knowledge with colleagues.
    We also encourage the successful certification of our specialists in their professional field.
    In addition, when working with Western customers, we must be sure that we are comfortable communicating with them, as they are with us. Therefore, in all offices of ETNA Software, corporate English language training is provided at the company's expense.

    3. Training in the subject area.
    We work in a specific area of ​​business - the field of financial markets. We are sure that our software is the most high-quality, not only because it is developed by professionals in programming and project management, but also because all our employees are experts in the field of financial markets thanks to an internal trading training system.
    Inside the ETNA Software, the Trading Academy was created, where everyone gets and improves their knowledge of the basic concepts and processes in the currency and stock markets of the world.
    We continuously monitor the level of knowledge of employees, and thanks to its increase, our employees can not only develop a better product, but also manage their professional growth.

    4. Mentoring.
    Each new employee of ETNA Software can count not only on the comprehensive assistance of the HR department and their team. We assign to each employee a mentor - a person who is fluent in technology and is also well-versed in projects in which a novice will work. A mentor will help not only quickly adapt to the company, he will also be able to give the right direction for the development of knowledge and skills, advise resources for training or experts, who should be consulted for help and advice.

    5. Timely evaluation and development.
    All our employees know how their professional development is going on inside ETNA Software thanks to our assessment and personal development system. Every six months, the employee passes reassessment of his skills (both technical and personal) according to the 360 ​​degree methodology. This assessment is carried out primarily to show what each employee has achieved over the past period, what level he occupies in the grading system, and what particular skills need improvement to increase the current level, as well as fulfill a new role in the team or the whole company.
    When identifying the need to improve certain indicators, we can always give specific recommendations - how and with what help this can be done.
    Another important goal of these meetings is to obtain feedback from employees. We work with every proposal received, and do not leave anyone's ideas or questions forgotten.
    6. Competitions.
    There is nothing better than healthy competition, especially if participation in competitions is adequately rewarded.
    ETNA Software holds Trading Weeks on a quarterly basis - weeks when everyone can try themselves as a trader using the knowledge acquired in our company. The winner (like any successful trader on the market) is always awarded with a good cash prize :)
    We also annually organize Hack Day - a competition of developers where any programmer or team can come up with and implement any project on financial topics. The best projects receive prizes and the opportunity to be implemented by customers.

    7. The climate in the team.
    Everyone knows how important it is to go to work with a smile. We try to do our best so that everyone finds something for themselves and company to their liking. In addition to various holidays, we often gather for leisure activities together - we play bowling, the mafia, board games, and we hold table tennis and darts competitions right at our offices.
    We also love outdoor activities and often collect great fun companies for snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, paintball and airsoft. Cinema, beaches, country cottages, rollers, bicycles and scooters - and that's all about us :)
    And with aromatic coffee and sweets, we are always ready to discuss relevant topics in our cozy kitchen.

    8. Openness.
    Our leaders are not bureaucrats hidden behind thick doors. These are the same people, experienced and sociable, these are our colleagues. Any employee can ask for help from the leaders of the company and get a timely response or help in resolving any issues.

    Perhaps these 8 simple conditions are the best, but not the only thing that we can and are ready to do for our colleagues.
    This collaboration strategy also helps us talk - we will do it!

    Taking this opportunity, I want to thank all our colleagues for their professionalism and dedication! We know that you are reading us :)

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