Free implementation of a non-contact computer control interface: Enable Viacam

    After all, it’s great when the future comes, in small steps it overtakes us.
    For me, one such step was getting to know the wonderful open source project Enable Viacam.
    This project is a full-fledged implementation of the contactless computer control interface using head movements.

    The program supports emulation of mouse clicks: left, middle, right; control methods: double-click, drag-and-drop. The selection of keystrokes is implemented by an additional panel that takes up space on the screen, although it would be more logical to implement keystrokes through blinking with the right / left / or two eyes.

    There is an implementation for both Windows and GNU / Linux.

    I hasten to share with the community an interesting find.

    There is not enough karma in the “future now”.

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