Yes, Randy Zuckerberg, please give us a lecture on “Human Decency”

Drama of the day: Randy Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, was seized by an attack when someone retweeted a copy of the photograph of the Zuckerberg family (see above), which Randy herself posted on Facebook.
Randy was furious, she thought that only her friends can see the photo, but someone who is friends with Randy’s sister, but is not Randy’s friend, saw the photo on Facebook, and suggested that this photo was published for everyone, and reposted him on twitter.

Randy was indignant that it was "Not Cool at all!" Her sister's friend apologized for his mistake. Many laughed at the fact that this story once again shows how stupid and confusing the settings on Facebook are, and that “Even the Zuckerbergs do not really know how to use this!”

That would have been the end of it if Randy hadn’t brought the story to a new level by posting on her Twitter: “Digital etiquette: Always ask permission before posting someone else’s photos! It’s not about private life, it’s about Human Decency! ”

Yes, she said "Human Decency." This stupid story about her muddy photo is very important.

It is so important that Randy Zuckerberg, who by the way is the vocalist in an unknown rock band with the amazing name FeedBomb, is also the producer of the terrible reality show about Silicon Valley (see Bravo's Silicon Valley: The Painful Truth Behind A Caricature Of Excess), she on the other hand, the sister of the guy who created the moral lighthouse on the Internet, better known as Facebook, decided to use this story as a teaching moment, on the example of which, she will teach the world “Basic Human Decency”.

Let's admit that Randy Zuckerberg is not Mark Zuckerberg. But let us also acknowledge that she benefited immensely from the creation of her brother.

And what did he create?

A company that has earned billions by collecting personal information from people and using it to sell ads;
A company whose original confidentiality agreement was one sentence, but has now become larger than the US Constitution and requires a law degree to understand the point;
A company that constantly encourages people to “share” their personal information in order to use Facebook;
The company, which was criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation just four days ago, for another creepy experiment that will allow people to pay money to send an email to your email inbox;
The company, which claimed that it does not follow users who log in with Facebook, then recognized this fact, and now filed a patent application that describes a system that does just that;
A company that has fallen into a clumsy attempt to launch a covert slanderous campaign against Google;
A company that has already received and settled claims from the FTC about misleading users and violating federal laws;
A company that conducted a dirty IPO, misleading investors;
The company, which is still under investigation by the authorities of the state of Massachusetts, which has already led to fines by bankers, and how this will end, is not yet known;
The company, which first changed Instagram user agreement, but received a flurry of discontent quickly changed everything back;

Yes Randy Zuckerberg, tell us about Human Decency.
Because the photo YOU ​​posted on the Internet was retweeted.
How awful! What a blatant invasion of privacy! It’s unpleasant when someone can just take and use someone else’s personal information for their own purposes without asking permission!
What kind of world is this in which someone can use your personal data just because you posted it on the site?

Oh, wait ...


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