XIAOMI will open the MIUI source code in 2013

    Recently, interesting news appeared on the official XIAOMI website. Not all MIUI fans will receive them with equal enthusiasm, the news is good and not very good, but nevertheless they determine the course of MIUI in 2013.
    1. Development and support of MIUIv4 will be completely discontinued, and support will continue only for those devices for which Android 4.1 is officially released.
    2. Since we have only 5 people responsible for porting to Xiaomi, they will fully support only a few top models from well-known manufacturers. This means less firmware, but more stability.
    3.MIUI code will be fully open! Straight from Xiaomi. This is great news! This can solve 99% of all porting problems. After that, we can easily transfer MIUI to almost any device for which there is a CM or AOKP.
    4. There will be more MIUI firmware from enthusiasts and unofficial MIUI developers.
    5. It will be a good year! All these changes are planned for February 2013.
    Source: en.miui.com/thread-1521-1-1.html
    As a longtime fan of MIUI firmware and the owner of one of the top devices (Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II), this news cannot but please me, I hope that finally the developers from XIAOMI, after they stop spraying on supporting multiple devices, can concentrate their efforts and finalize the firmware for my phone. At the moment, WiFi Direct, TV Out does not work for me, there is no support for video calling through a mobile operator, inconvenient work with contacts, and some of Samsung’s buns still do not work. If earlier this could be understood when MIUI was done on CM sources, now they are doing it on the basis of Samsung’s stock and the above troubles are not at all encouraging.
    Developers did not like XIAOMI because they took the open source code of the enthusiasts and made it closed, I hope that in 2013 the situation will change for the better, and we will see many new modifications of this wonderful firmware from the guys with XDA!

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