On the wave of Selectel FM

    We have been thinking for a long time what interesting things can be shared with colleagues on the Day of the system administrator. We decided to make a selection of your favorite music system administrators Selectel - our company employs 44 professionals of this wonderful profession. While collecting statistics, listened to a bunch of good music and found out about themselves a lot of interesting things. Therefore, in addition to dozens of the best compositions for work from Selectel system administrators, we will tell the most interesting musical facts about us in honor of the professional holiday.

    Our favorite genres

    Here, perhaps, without surprises - the most popular destinations: all kinds of metal (nu, melodic, death, etc.) and classical western rock of various degrees of antiquity. Shortly followed by blues, jazz and electronic music (for example, dark techno or trance).

    Surprises on the list

    Some compositions have surprised. They occur no more than once, but among the Cradle of Filth and Children Of Bodom, which we quite expected to see, the Russian Ark of the new-fashioned Coin, Do Not Believe Tears of the ancient fashion Shura and the composition Show me the way from German disco Stars Bad Boys Blue. The songs, by the way, are great.

    Musicians among us

    Exactly half of those who answered the questionnaire, know how - or were able to - play some musical instrument. The most popular is of course the guitar. Although those who make electronic music go almost on par with guitarists. However, there were also pianists with drummers. None of our administrators play in the workplace, although at least one has a guitar in the office. Modest sysadmins explain this by the fact that there is not enough time for playing music and the fact that they do not want to make dear colleagues suffer.

    Music for work

    We will not dissemble, the best accompaniment for the work of Selectel administrators is silence. At least, this is the most popular answer: “Distracts”, “Prevents focus.” However, if we talk specifically about music - on the sure first place is old school rock: from The Rolling Stones and Scorpions to Satriani and Pink Floyd. In other preferences there is a huge scatter: both pleasant unobtrusive compositions ( Echos ), and Serbian variety art ( Toma Zdravković ), and deathcore-meat grinder ( Defiler ), and Rachmaninov’s second concert (piano and orchestra, in C minor).

    Several people advised services with background music: musicforprogramming.net , live lofi hip hop radioon YouTube-channel and service ChilledCow asoftmurmur.com - instead of the music here sounds like the crackling fire or rain noise.
    Music is a reflection of the soul

    10 excellent compositions for work from the system administrators Selectel

    And finally, the main thing is to recommend the best compositions for work that we listen to ourselves. We chose not the most obvious tracks and tried to collect more different genres. We hope someone will fill up their work playlist with the favorite songs of the Selectel system administrators to make it more fun - we will be on the same wavelength with you. Enjoy your listening and happy holiday, system administrators.

    In Extremo - Nur Ihr Allein
    Fervent German folk metalists.

    Grimes - REALiTi
    Canadian singer Grimes and her dream-pop.

    Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire
    The track of the Danish pop-rock group that was used in Twilight, but you do not pay attention to it - it's cool.

    Defiler - Cryomancer
    A bit invigorating, life-giving Californian Detkor.

    Poets Of The Fall - Sleep, sugar
    Romantic Finnish indie rock.

    Eric Dolphy - Naima
    Pleasant jazz from multi-instrumentalist Eric Allan Dolphy.

    Alex Adair - I Will A
    British DJ's soothing track tropical house style.

    Klingande - Jubel
    Mild house, this time from France and with a solo saxophone.

    New Order - Elegia
    Calm instrumental composition from former Joy Division members.

    Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You
    Classic rock from the 70s. There is, and what to listen, and what to see.

    Happy sys admin!

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