Friday Management: Free Skillbox Webinars

    We continue the good tradition of publishing free webinars on Fridays. Today, programming and design, we touch only indirectly through the prism of management. Not always the developer or art director wants to stay in his position for more than a few years, many prefer to move up the career ladder strictly upward: his own company or managerial position in someone's organization is unimportant.

    Today's webinars will tell you what you need to know in order to be a good manager and manage processes with high efficiency.
    Online course "Management of Digital-Projects" We
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    How to work with remote employees

    Many companies either have a 100% virtual office with remote employees, or work with freelancers from time to time. But how can you control their work? What is needed in order to establish a real workflow in a virtual office? This is described in the webinar.

    How to manage projects with Agile and Scrum

    Director of the famous studio "Sibiriks" Vladimir Zavertaylov talks about how to manage projects with the help of proven Agile and Scrum. In particular, he will share the background to the emergence of flexible project management methodologies, describe the values ​​of the Agile Manifesto, and also reveal many other nuances of management in the company that decided to abandon the cascade development.

    How to understand what the client wants?

    Whether you are a company manager or a freelancer, you need to know what a potential client wants or may want. How to interest him with his services, what to do to ensure that your product is of high quality and in demand? This is the topic of this webinar.

    From programmer to executives. Operational Development Management

    Yes, sometimes it happens that a programmer ceases to be just a programmer and goes into the caste of managers. No matter how high the post is held by the ex-developer, some management principles are universal. And just about them this webinar.

    The path of the manager of digital projects. Competency Map

    It is not easy to be a manager of digital projects. It is necessary to be an expert in several areas at once, and a real one. And still it is necessary to plan and delegate, to save time and resources. Webinar shows exactly what you need to know and be able to.

    Web Designer Development: From Trainee to Art Director

    OKTAEDER CEO Philip Solomin talks about what is needed to transform from an intern to an art director. The webinar also tells how you can find work in no more than one week, which is better - a small studio or a large agency and whether it is possible to “achieve with patience and work” success.

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