Bigger or future?

    I bring to your attention the "button-puzomerka" of the new generation.

    GlobaTel Rank - Popularity Index- Habra value%)
    What is it?
    They named it, according to the name of the company, respectively - GlobalRank or GRank. It is fundamentally different from the famous values ​​of Google PageRank and Yandex TIC, which many are used to. The GR algorithm is based on the popularity of the site, trust.

    What values ​​does GR show?
    GlobalRank shows a value from 0 to 100. 100, which means the highest score for site popularity. Zero value is also positive, just, most likely, the site is popular only with the webmaster himself. The GR value periodically changes for each site, which is quite natural, since the Internet and popular popularity are volatile.

    How to find out your GR?
    Check your site here:

    We do not have plans to defeat the mastodons I and G, but our own search engine is already in the plans, since there is our own data center and the possibility of experiments. There is also a hidden directory that will soon work in normal mode.

    Known cons:
    • Does not accept level 3 sites.
    • after the last update, some sites have taken a negative value, although they should show - 0

    Why can I use the values ​​until the search engine and the catalog come out:
    • check the site trust, for example to buy links

    Why do I post it in raw ... not even raw, and in a hyper-cheese form?
    We need your sites in the database of a closed catalog, since we often update and have more sites at our disposal for analysis.
    So, we will be grateful for any verified your site through us, as well as waiting for any comments and criticism

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