Olap Server - Oracle Essbase

On Habré, at least somehow the description of the solution from Microsoft for the tasks of analytical data processing in real time is presented , but there is not a word about the world leader in this issue Oracle Essbase Therefore, I give a description of this technology below.

Oracle EssBase is an OLAP server that differs from its competitors by its powerful support of analytical tasks, allowing multi-dimensional analysis in the context of many analysts, building company development forecasts, and preparing data for reporting. It supports the full range of OLAP solutions - MOLAP (two types of Aggregate Storage and Block Storage), ROLAP and HOLAP (MOLAP + ROLAP).

The architecture can be schematically represented as follows:

Consists of the following components:

Essbase Analytics Module (Block Storage)

This Analytic Services module creates a database based on the concept of a block - this is a table consisting of all possible options for dense directions, and these blocks are placed at the intersection of discharged directions. This module supports the recording of values ​​using custom applications and is intended for complex financial analysis.

Created for
  • For applications related to iterative planning, distributions, complex analysis (sales analysis, profitability analysis)
  • If you need a lot of procedural calculations and recording changes to any level of aggregation
  • Measurement Order Management
  • Calculation of all or part of the database
  • Perform complex calculations

Enterprise Analytics Module (ASO Aggregate Storage)

This Analytic Services module creates an “aggregated” database, stores zero-level elements in itself, automatically calculating all values ​​of a higher level, in its structure it somewhat resembles ROLAP. Designed to analyze super-large data (extremely discharged), with millions of possible indicators.

Created for
  • For large-scale, sparse data
  • Standard Aggregation Rules

Analytic Services Administrative Console

This is the Analytic Services database administrator interface that supports a single administration point for multiple database servers. Using this tool, you can develop, maintain and manage both servers and applications and their databases.

Integration console - Essbase Integration Studio (not developed, previous to Essbase Integration Studio)

Integration Server is a server that uses multi-threaded architecture, serving the connection between relational data sources, OLAP metadata catalog and Analytic Server (multidimensional database server).

Essbase SpreadSheat Add-in for Excel

This software solution is designed to receive AD-HOC reports in Microsoft Excel, it is directly connected to a multidimensional database. Development is stopped.

Smart View for Office

Allows you to access data from the entire Microsoft Office suite of programs, differs from Essbase SpreadSheet technology solution. It is developing intensively.


Command line interface, designed for administrative tasks, such as stopping the application, starting utility utilities, backup, etc.


Command line interface for administrative tasks.

Essbase API

This is a software developer tool that allows you to access a multidimensional database from VB, C, or JAVA.

• Maintenance Services - Analytic Deployment Services

Allows you to build a single entry point to provide load balancing and fault tolerance between user applications and multidimensional databases.

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