Day for business, day for prototype

    In order not to depart from the tradition laid down by our American colleagues, we remembered that, in fact, Startup Weekend was conceived as an event at which you need to make a prototype project in 54 hours.

    Now at Startup Weekend there is room for both business and technology.
    With the technological part, our partners, Microsoft, will help us.

    Program of the 4th Moscow Startup Weekend:
    February 11-13, at the Digital October Center.

    Friday Day of acquaintance
    17.00 - registration of teams and participants.
    18.00 - welcoming speeches.
    18.15 - presentation of projects, 2 minutes per participant.
    20.20 - explanation of the format of work and the program of the next two days.

    Saturday Day of Business and Ideas
    10.00 - gathering participants and registering teams.
    11.00 - presentation of Glavstart experts who will work at this event.
    11.20 - “pipe”, speed-networking between project representatives and experts: a minute to communicate with each expert.
    13.00 - personal consultations and communication with interested experts, work in teams.
    18.00 - Konstantin Kichinsky from Microsoft will briefly and excitingly talk about BizSpark and the ScetchFlow program, which allows you to make a prototype of your project in the shortest possible time, without any development skills.
    19.30 - completion and debriefing.

    Sunday Technology and Prototype Day
    10.00 - gathering participants, registering web studios and development teams.
    11.00 - speed-networking between web studios and project teams.
    13.00 - work in teams, determination of candidates for mentors, continuation of personal expert consultations. Microsoft specialists will help participants understand the SketchFlow program and help make a prototype of their project.
    18.00 - final presentations.

    You can download the 60-day trial version of Expression Blend 4 + SketchFlow to prepare your prototype . BizSpark members can use the full-featured version of SketchFlow included with Expression Blend in Expression Studio 4 Ultimate.

    SketchFlow doesn't need programming skills to create a prototype. Especially for you, Microsoft employees have prepared a six-minute review video.on prototyping and SketchFlow, as well as additional training materials, links to which you will find in the overview video.

    Using Sketch Flow on the weekend is not necessary, but those who are not too lazy and create a prototype in haste with it will have three nice things:
    • Actually, a prototype that can be joyfully shown to everyone. (And to prototypes, as we recall, the attitude is always more serious than to presentations in power point).
    • We will add you an extra minute to the final presentation.
    • Authors of sensible prototypes will be able to get free and full access to BizSpark directly at Startup Weekend.

    And we are often asked what to do if there is no project idea, but I want to see what happens at Startup Weekend.
    The good news is that you can just come and see what is happening here. To do this, just register . Registration will last until February 11, inclusive, so you even have some time to think, unless, of course, you are still with us. :)

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