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    ReactOS: November to December

    From my last post on the habr about the performance of Alexei Bragin at the semifinals of the Zvorykinsky project, a month has passed. ReactOS has since undergone quite a few important changes that deserve attention.
    Marat Karatov, Alexey Bragin and Rechitsky Alexander in Hyper Cuba, Skolkovo

    Participation in the Skolkovo Convention

    The organizers of the Zvorykinsky project invited us to the final event - the Innovation Convention. It is notable for the fact that it took place in Skolkovo itself, in the new building “ Hypercube ”, so we decided to visit this event in spite of the 26 degree frost (in the NSC at this time it was -45, so it’s a sin for us to complain about the weather) .
    According to Alexei Bragin:
    Omitting various little things (like those that we didn’t magically end up in the finals), the event was organized at a very high level, the composition of the guests and speakers is quite impressive.
    It all started with a plenary session entitled “Global Innovation Networks. The limits of the effectiveness of the cooperation of the scientific community and innovation. ” At first, it fully justified its name and Tim Rowie set out in sufficient detail the common truths of business, but after his speech Sergey Belousov took the floor and immediately “opened” the room with a question for the moderator - “Can you announce the topic of the meeting from memory?”, The second question was asked to everyone present on the podium - “Do you understand what this topic is about?” No one was able to answer, including the presenter, which already meant that Belousov’s speech would be interesting and “in essence”. So actually it was, time was not wasted. Other speakers (e.g. Pekka Villakainen from Skolkovo) also said interesting things.
    Subsequently, during the course of the Convention, it was possible to communicate with many very interesting people - both familiar and new. For example, talk with the head of the FADM S.Yu. Belokonev, talk about ReactOS to the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov, talk about startups with Tim Rowe, Bob Dorf and other guests.
    Photos from the event are available in our groups and profiles of social networks.

    Organizational highlights:

    1. New site
      Two options for a new website for the ReactOS project were proposed over the year: This is a site based on Typo3 and Drupal 7 (at that time Drupal 6). Work on the site has been intensified recently, and Drupal 7 seems to be the most likely candidate to become the new CMS for Also, the changes affected the appearance of the site. The respected Habr community is invited to conduct the first trial stress test of the new website at . Based on the results, we will evaluate the performance of this configuration and carry out optimization.
    2. Published summary of the status rally for November 2012 ()
    3. Heading for the return of Virtual PC and Hyper-V as the target platform.
      Undeservedly forgotten Virtual PC is a good virtualizer for detecting various bugs in the OS. Hyper-V is an active and very popular platform, so its support will become a priority for ReactOS in the near future.
    4. December status rally postponed to January

    Changes during development:

    1. Hermes Belusca worked on a new implementation of the CSRSS subsystem (branch / ros-csrss branch), and also fixed several VirtualPC-specific bugs in the work of com-ports and the debug system.
    2. Aleksey Bragin fixed several old bugs in the implementation of the alternative win32 subsystem Arwinss
    3. Johannes Anderwald successfully passed all the exams and returned to work on the USB driver stack. I corrected many already fed up mistakes.
    4. Jerome Gardou and Timo Kreuzer have made several improvements to the CRT library related to localization support and compilation using Visual Studio.
    5. Amine Khaldi has synced common modules with the new Wine release.
    6. Timo Kreuzer fixed a number of problems in RTL, CMLIB, HAL, etc. using the code analyzer from Visual Studio.
    7. Thomas Faber found the strength to organize a code review of the branch with the further development of explorer_new, which was the result of the student’s successful work on the Google Summer Of Code program, and uploaded these changes to the trunk.
    8. Cameron Gutman fixed several errors in the network stack (CORE-6655, CORE-6741)
    9. Eric Kohl continues to systematically work on the implementation of SAMLIB, NETAPI32 and related code.
    10. Alter (author of UniATA) actively corrects the code of his driver for working in Virtual PC.

    Office 2003 and Windows Media Player

    Several testers reported that Office 2003 and Windows Media Player began to run and work in the trunk. Prior to this, this was only possible in the ARWINSS assembly.

    Thank you for the video provided by Alexander Evsikov.

    We need support again!
    • A very important competition with a prize fund of 3 million rubles, held by Cisco. Selection takes place according to different criteria. Automatic entry to the semi-finals is possible, which depends on your votes! A couple of days ago, we were unexpectedly beaten by competitors, I hope the Habrasociety will not give us an insult.
    • Another equally important contest with a comparable prize pool is held by Dell. In it, we also need your votes, this time it depends on them not the exit to the next stage of the competition, but the receipt of a separate prize.

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