Open application catalog for Raspberry Pi


    Many representatives of the Habrasociety have already ordered a miniature Raspberry Pi PC, and some even received their order. On Habré, articles appeared more than once and twice with a description of what can be made from this device. Now even more features have appeared since the official catalog of applications for the Raspberry Pi has opened. The catalog received the corresponding name - Pi Store , and in it you can find free applications for the Raspberry Pi (so far there are only 29, but gradually the number is increasing).

    The developers plan to include paid applications that can be created and hosted by third-party companies. Since the original goal of creating the Raspberry Pi was to provide schoolchildren and students with cheap PCs, now the developers set out to provide the owners of these devices with high-quality software.

    Catalog moderation is available, so some applications that do not meet the conditions may be rejected. In the near future, the Pi Store will distribute books, magazines, and other types of content, in addition to software.

    The directory address was listed above, and if you want to use the Pi Store on the Raspberry Pi, you can already download the version of Raspbian Linux with the directory included in the distribution. Alternatively, you can install the pistore package using apt-get.

    Via Raspberry Pi blog

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