Hooray, comrades! I blocked the whole world!

    I notice that recently there has been a lack of privacy - information is attacking us from all sides, and more often than not we do not expect it and do not need it. I won’t even write about social networks and various forums, there publicity has always been and will be above privacy. However, recently, more and more, even in such a personal place as mail, we see that privacy is bursting at the seams.

    I will no longer be writing here about various advertisements, offers, promotions and other messages that webmail daily tells us on its page. But to receive constantly various letters, which I don’t want to receive at all, is already too much! I want to have mail and communicate only with those who are close to me and with whom it is interesting or necessary to communicate with me, and the rest, as they say "into the forest."

    So how do I do this? It turns out on gYpost.com it's all just to disgrace. It is enough to select the contact “Unknown correspondence” and from the contact card in the menu “Edit” select the item “Block contact” and ... and that’s all. Now you are completely cut off from the outside world! Now we can say with confidence: I blocked the whole world! As the saying goes, “silence and only the dead with braids stand” (you’ll not see the dead with braids in the mail, of course, but if anyone thinks this is our flaw, please tell us about it, smile).

    And by the way, one moment - none of those who will send letters to me will know that their mail does not come to me (just quietly, I don’t want all spammers to know about it, they can take offense)

    Wow class! Now in the mail I and only I! So ... stop! But how can I get mail from my friends, acquaintances, relatives, a dog (no, I haven’t gotten a mail yet ... but a good idea), colleagues, partisans ... and from the chef in the end!

    It turns out gYpost.com is just as simple. It is enough to create a contact (or several contacts) and indicate in it (or in them) the email addresses of all the people that interest me, with whom I want to communicate and ... and mail will come to these contacts without any blockages. Hooray comrades! I achieved my goal - I organized my own small, but sweet to me and truly personal world, without thousands of letters unnecessary to me!

    PS I ask you not to strictly judge for the writing style, this is, if I may say so, "a breakdown of the pen." I would very much like to hear your constructive opinions about the features described above, as well as about the style of providing this information. I would be grateful for both positive and negative comments, but I really ask for specific ones on the case.

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