HabraReader - the client for reading Habr on WP7


    I want to tell you about our application, the development of which began on Windows Phone 7 Student Camp , which took place on October 1, and about what our application can do at the moment. HabraReader was developed jointly with Yura Medvedev (who, unfortunately, does not yet have an invite to Habr).

    HabraReader v.1.6

    For 4 weeks, our application has "grown" already to version 1.6. The first version to appear in the Marketplace is 1.2. It implemented the possibility of background and forced updates, notifications of new articles on the tile, and some other little things.
    The current version 1.6 includes the following features:
    • Background update
    • Tile notification of new posts
    • Saving read posts
    • Adding posts to favorites
    • Search by posts
    • Blog posts sorting
    • Ability to share articles (twitter, etc)
    The app is free . That is, by downloading the trial version from the Marketplace, you get a full-fledged application, without any restrictions! The ability to purchase the application is made as a donation to developers. The only difference between the paid and free versions is the text in the "About" section.

    Under the cat are screenshots of the program and our future plans for its development.


    A bit of materiel

    The application was developed immediately taking into account the opportunities that appeared in Mango.
    Of the APIs used:
    Articles received via RSS are stored in the database. When you download an article to your phone, the page is saved in isolated storage (without images, etc.). When you re-open the article - it is taken from the repository, pictures, css and so on - from the browser cache (in the "airplane" mode it still opens perfectly). In the next version, we will replace css with our own, to match the dark-light theme of the phone.

    What to expect in the new version?

    We are pleased to introduce the features that users ask us in letters or ratings on the Marketplace, so feel free to write your suggestions and comments in the comments. We are happy to implement them (if it is useful and technically possible), but on the condition that you give us a good rating in MP. After all, a good assessment of the work done is the most pleasant for the developer.

    Download the app .

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