Getting a passport through the portal

    In the New Year's bustle, the value of quickly submitting an application for a passport increases at times - it’s convenient to do this without wasting time on the traditional lines of compatriots planning their vacations.

    Obtaining a foreign passport (or rather, applying for a receipt) is the most popular service on the portal , today about 20% of foreign passports are issued by electronic applications.

    The service is provided only to registered users. Therefore, take care of registration in advance.

    Preparation of documents

    In order to apply for a passport, you will need the following documents:

    1. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
    2. Documents confirming the basis for the urgent issuance of a foreign passport *
    3. Birth certificate of a child
    4. Documents proving the presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation for persons under the age of 14
    5. Documents confirming the rights of the legal representative **
    6. Passport previously issued (if any)
    7. State duty receipts
    8. Photos of the applicant
    9. Application
    form for the issuance of a foreign passport *** 10. Work record, extract from it or certificate of employment
    11. Permission from the team danovy, drawn up in the manner prescribed by the Government of the Russian Federation ****
    12. Military ID or the corresponding certificate of the military commissariat at the place of registration
    13. Application by an organization sending a citizen outside the territory of the Russian Federation

    Submission of an application

    We select a service in the catalog. It is located in the first section of the Federal Migration Service. You can also simply use the search in the upper right corner.

    Next - click the "Get a Service" button, bottom or right - as convenient.

    And we proceed to fill out the proposed form:

    It is necessary to fill out an application form, indicating information about yourself, your spouse, parents, about your previous residence in foreign citizenship, about the place of treatment, etc.
    Upon completion of the data entry, the system will process and send your request to government agencies to go through the registration stages, verify the application and make a final decision.
    If the service is successfully performed at all stages, the system will give you a positive answer, and government agencies will inform you of the need to come to the territorial department of the department to receive documents. In case of refusal at any stage of the service, the system will give a negative answer, and government agencies will inform you of the reasons for the refusal.

    Issuance of a passport

    The term for issuing a passport does not exceed one month from the date of application at the place of residence and four months when applying at the place of stay.

    The passport can be issued and faster - as soon as it is ready, you will receive a notification.

    The passport is issued to the citizen (or legal representative) personally by the authorized employee after the owner has affixed his signature in the requisite “owner’s signature”.

    When issuing a passport, the applicant’s internal passport, as well as the birth certificate of the passport owner who has not reached the age of 14, is marked with a passport issuing indicating the series, number, date of issue and name of the territorial authority, unit or the FMS of Russia within its competencies that carried out the extradition.

    Help with possible problems

    If you encounter any problems, call support at
    (800) 100-70-10. The call is free!

    In addition, in the “Additional Information” section you can find detailed rules for filling out the questionnaire, grounds for a more urgent issuance of a passport, and other subtleties that may be useful.

    Those who used the service in advance have already planned a trip.

    We advise you not to postpone, and you will succeed too. Have a nice trip!

    * The basis for an urgent (within three business days) consideration of an application for a passport is: a

    letter from a health authority confirming the need for an urgent trip for treatment outside the territory of the Russian Federation;
    a letter from a foreign medical organization about the need for emergency treatment (at the same time a medical report of the medical institution at the patient’s place of residence is presented);
    telegraphic communication received from outside the territory of the Russian Federation and certified in accordance with the laws of the state of residence (stay), confirming the fact of a serious illness or death of a close relative or spouse.

    ** Required if you plan to receive a passport through a representative.
    To confirm the rights of the legal representative, the following documents are additionally submitted:

    birth certificate;
    certificate of adoption;
    court decision on the establishment of custody;
    act of local government on the establishment of guardianship;
    documents proving the identity and citizenship of the adoptive parent or sole adoptive parent.
    if one of the adoptive parents is a stateless person, also the document of this adoptive parent certifying the status of a stateless person.

    *** The template for the application form will be provided to you directly on the portal, you do not need to fill it out in advance.

    **** In addition, military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as federal executive bodies, in which military service is provided, except for persons undergoing military service on conscription.

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