1 Million Downloads on the Windows Phone Store

    Today is a very important day for our team: we got a millionth download of our applications in the Windows Phone Store !


    I would like to share interesting statistics and facts about our Windows Phone applications, which, perhaps, will give you a better idea of ​​the Windows Phone platform and its prospects.

    This is what the application download graph looks like:

    Now a few numbers:

    • it took 11 months for a million downloads;
    • during this time, 22 applications were published at different times;
    • only 5 applications scored over 30 thousand downloads: Lomogram - 592 391, Undead Carnage - 222 224, Undead Carnage: Redemption - 88 210, Bug Invasion - 51 710, Zadolbali - 30 928.

    Undoubtedly, the Lomogram application, which I wrote about recently , brought the most downloads .

    Fresh statistics (according to Flurry):

    • number of downloads: 592 391;
    • total number of sessions: 6.3 million;
    • average time of use: 42.6 sec;
    • average number of users: 150 thousand

    Launch statistics (per day): Lomogram statistics on phone models (more than 1%):

    • Nokia Lumia 710: 28.1%
    • Nokia Lumia 800: 23.0%
    • Nokia Lumia 610: 11.5%;
    • Nokia Lumia 900: 6.9%;
    • HTC Radar 4G / Omega: 4.7%;
    • HTC 7 Mozart: 3.7%;
    • Samsung Omnia W: 3.3%;
    • Samsung Focus Flash: 3.3%;
    • HTC HD7: 2.3%;
    • HTC TITAN / Eternity: 1.5%;
    • LG Optimus 7 (E900): 1.3%;
    • Samsung OMNIA 7: 1.3%;
    • Samsung Focus: 1.1%.

    Statistics on models based on the Zadolbali application with mostly CIS traffic:

    • Nokia Lumia 800: 24.0%;
    • HTC 7 Mozart: 23.6%;
    • Nokia Lumia 710: 20.0%;
    • Samsung Omnia W: 11.1%;
    • HTC Radar 4G / Omega: 7.0%.

    A few thoughts and observations

    Firstly, we try to answer all letters and wishes of users. Here, for example, we received such a review on one of the resources :

    Lomogram is actively developing, updates periodically come out with new filters and bug fixes. And this program also has a real technical support service that answers all the suggestions and wishes of users. And this is not a premium product, but an absolutely free application! Apparently, it is no coincidence that Lomogram is confidently on the list of the best applications of the Russian-speaking Marketplace.

    Secondly, we use only the best tools: Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone, Flurry, Distimo, BugSense, Syncfusion Metro Studio, PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator services.

    Thirdly, we are establishing two-way communication with developers online and offline .

    By the way, if you are a developer for Windows Phone and Windows 8, then we want to get to know you and interview you so that as many people as possible will know about you and your applications.

    Fourth, you need to release updates in 1-2 months. This increases the rating of the application and karma for developers.

    By the way, after the launch of Windows Phone 8, we see a steady increase in downloads of even those applications that we are no longer supporting, which indicates a growing market.

    Another important part of the work is the promotion of mobile applications. Without it, the chances of breaking into the tops are not very high (although they are much higher compared to Google Play or the Apple AppStore). If you need tips on promoting Windows Phone / Windows 8 applications - ask us!

    And we, in turn, will continue to write articles, speak at conferences, and also delight you with our new products and applications!

    Thanks for attention!

    PS I want to thank PixelsFuryfor Undead Carnage, RedCat Games for Bug Invasion, and Pasha for Lomogram. Without you, our achievements would not have been so impressive!

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