2048 is prohibited. Not RosKomNadzor

    Publish games in which there are degrees of two, is now prohibited. And the banned this innocent action is not the orthodox RKN, but the great Apple and Google.

    What was it? And it was a simple July evening ...

    Yes, it was evening, I was sad. Because millions of Chinese and Indians have dirtied mobile stores with copies of my beautiful games.

    Reflecting on the insidious Chinese, I automatically opened a letter from appannie.com, where I reported on my daily earnings from the sale of games. And jumped in surprise. Yes, I tell you, you guys need to write casual games, despite the Indians and their rice fields.

    Because one of my crafts Crazy Solitaire 2048 (originally from 2014-2015) suddenly fired slightly. She lay in the store, lay - and suddenly began to bring 15-25 dollars a day. I, frankly, have already forgotten about this game, and looked at the screenshots. Oh, woe is me, the design was absent altogether, there are no tutorials, everything is inconsistent.

    I want to note that my toy has nothing to do with the 2048 game. Unless in the game participated the degrees of two 2, 4, 8 and so on until 1024. You understand that if the game uses a chessboard, then the game is not necessarily chess.

    Of course, (I'm doing everything on Corona), I redid the outdated design and posted a new version of the game in the Apple Store. Link to fun in the comments.

    What was my surprise when the Review Team rejected the new version of the game due to spam.

    I (summoned them to a duel) asked the guys from the Review Team to explain. They called and in broken English informed that all references to 2048 are now prohibited. I asked, is it possible 4096? Not. The previous brick is 2048. It’s logical.

    I rushed to the Play Market (link to the game in the comments), in the hope that Google does not suffer from such nonsense.

    At the same time with one click made html5 version ( check out the idea here ).

    A day later I fell from the chair a second time - the application was rejected! Ok, google. 2048 can not be here.

    Even in a conversation with Apple, I was underlined that replacing some numbers with others (instead of base 2, take 3) is unacceptable.
    I removed the natural numbers (2,4,8,16,32 ...) from the facade of the bricks and replaced them with degrees (1,2,3,4,5, ...). The game was approved. At first, I was puzzled by the design, but then I realized that there was more air and less numbers.

    In addition, I renamed the toy in 2020 (for Google) and Solitaire 2019(for Apple), put the cheat stubs, threw out all the screenshots and tags about 2048.

    Conclusion. If you ordered a design with 2048 labels, think about the trouble that struck three times.

    Summarizing, we are now in the shops of mobile gaming is prohibited not only the word tetris , but also the number 2048 .

    Despite these absurdities, I continue to love Apple + Google wholeheartedly. Without any banter now said.

    Free play code

    The code and project of the pre-game can be downloaded in the market Corona .

    Comments inside the code.

    To build and run the game in the Corona simulator you need to spend the next 5 minutes.

    1) Install Corona SDK
    2) Download Solitaire 2048 project
    3) Launch Corona SDK (aka Corona Simulator)
    4) Choose Solitaire 2048 project
    5) cmd + R

    To build and run html5 version

    6) File-> Build To-> html5- > OK

    To build and run Android version

    6) File-> Build To-> Android-> OK

    To build and run iOS version

    6) File-> Build To-> iOS-> OK

    The project is not very MVC. Each screen has its own class. Plus, the game logic is in a separate class. At the level of the initial entry into the language of Lua, this, in my opinion, is enough.

    Not Corona Users yet

    I note that a year ago the license for the Crown cost $ 2000 per year, now it is free.

    Corona Users

    Any reasonable suggestions for the development of the tool you can tell me. I’ll bring them to the Crown developers.

    That's all, play and build!

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