2 gigapixel photo of Everest

    A two-gigapixel image of Everest with its surroundings can be considered for a long time, but it is even more difficult to find all the people. About 50 climbers can be seen on the official route alone, and there are dozens of mountains around and the base camp at the very bottom.

    It is better to move around the photo using the arrows (,, +, -), because the mouse rotates the picture in the wrong direction.

    For those with a small diagonal monitor, here are two tips.

    Tip 1
    The official route to Everest

    Hint 2

    By the way, due to the popularity among climbers, Everest ranks first in the number of deaths. Although the death rate on the mountain is small, today it is about 5% (in some other mountains it reaches 35%), but the number of only identified bodies found in the snow has already reached 216 .

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