There was such a profession: "Programmer"


    Not many people think about who programmers are. It seems in the modern information society without them anywhere. But who are they? There are countless stereotypes, many words have been written that they are the same people as everyone else. I propose to look at this issue in the light of the rapidly developing industry of information technology.

    About knowledge

    It is known that the level of knowledge of fundamental sciences among modern programmers is rapidly decreasing . New languages, technologies, tools and approaches are appearing that make it possible to create a completely tolerable product without special knowledge . This product will satisfy all the necessary user needs, and after that it will be thrown out, because new languages, technologies, tools will appear.

    Technical Writers

    To more accurately describe the topic of the article, I will talk about technical writers .

    Technical writer, specialist in documenting in the framework of solving technical problems. I had to observe the work of technical writers. They created not just mountains of documents for a certain product, they filled entire rooms with them. And all the documents were clearly compiled according to the relevant GOST or other regulatory document. They are well versed and oriented. Phrases were chosen as clearly as possible. The language was used purely technical, not allowing free interpretations.

    Doesn’t resemble anything? The programmer does the same thing. Uses some technical language, clearly builds a document. The document must meet certain technical requirements. The programmer is well versed in the written code.

    In fact, a programmer and a technical writer are one and the same profession. Specialization is different. There are 1C programmers, C ++ ..., there are technical writers (GOST, ISO, etc.). Requirements, work style, deadlines and process are almost identical.

    Requirements, requirements, requirements ...

    It turns out that at all stages of the creation of the product specification of the requirements is carried out. At the very beginning, the customer says: “I want ... (insert my own: program, product, brand, money)”. In fact, at this stage already exists that essence, which will be spent a lot of money, time and nerves. Then begins the long process of clarifying the requirements, which, in their embodiment, will create the product.

    After the customer’s wishes: “I want a program.” Various kinds of specialists, ranging from managers to administrators, specify technical requirements. The requirements are becoming more and more precise and precise; the final state of requirements is the product, because only the product can satisfy all the requirements for it itself.

    Conveyor development

    Why are there no more programmers? Because Ford at one time came up with a conveyor . The modern software development cycle is a conveyor. Programmers, architects, designers, managers, administrators, technical writers, testers take clearly defined places in the software path, perform some small action (specify the requirement) and send it on. All this is one profession, with small elements of specialization. I think many will be able to recall some good examples when a specialist moved from one area to another.


    If you adhere to this view of the modern software development industry, then it becomes clear that programmers (or hackers, as they like to call them in the West) disappeared immediately after its appearance. A modern programmer is more likely a working conveyor with some degree of freedom or a technical writer. He only clarifies the requirements to a certain level, bringing them closer to the final product.

    In this case, the fate of software development becomes more understandable, when programs will be created without the participation of programmers. This means that a person may ask some system to create a “program” and it will give him the result after several clarifying questions. So far, it sounds like science fiction, because to clarify the requirements leading to the final product, you need more than a simple enumeration of options for many steps and adaptation through training.

    PS Colleagues, do not be surprised, but I am also a techie. I am currently working as a java developer.
    Do not take any opinion or thought that does not agree with your ideals as a personal insult. The purpose of the article is to discuss aspects of the future of information technology and, in particular, software development. And do not offend everyone together and each individually. Comment constructively.

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