The new face of my brainchild. Thanks to everyone who helped

    Dear friends!

    So, a whole quarter has passed since I posted a philosophical and technical topic about how to make the interface more understandable for an age audience, say 45+.

    Then my task was to formulate requirements for the future design of the site; it was necessary that it was not soiled, not faded, but also not "mega-youth." What was needed was some kind of consensus in the graphics and interface, so to speak.

    And now, when the clock was about 19:00 12/31/2009 a new design was bolted to my brainchild. 11 days have passed since the update of the appearance, as I am happy to observe in the statistics of attendance an increase in the parameters “Depth of viewing” and “Length of stay on the site”.

    This morning it was like this (standard, minimalist and discreet, IMHO):

    The new design,

    which I now would like to present to you for judgment and constructive criticism, began to look like this: . Is it pretty? I, if honestly, like a parent of my brainchild and a passionate webmaster, though not having an excellent aesthetic perception, really, really like it! :)) The new look of the site absorbed the most important and necessary comments received from the Habr-people in my post in the form of comments. HUGE thanks for the tips & trics !!!

    I also express gratitude to the ls.cgvault team and to the Vilz user separately for screwing the design to LiveStreet 0.3 and its minor revision ...

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