Announcement of Shop-Script 5

    Many users are familiar with Shop-Script, a script for creating online stores that our company is developing. You can have a different attitude to Shop-Script products that were available until today. The product had its own problems and difficulties, but now is not about that.

    Today we announced a new version of the product - Shop-Script 5 .


    With the help of Shop-Script 5, we plan to solve problems that previous versions of the product did not cope with.

    We developed Shop-Script 5 from scratch and devoted a lot of time to watching how real online stores work on the basis of our products, what it takes operators to process orders, what data and reports are missing, which of these tasks can be solved script tools, and most importantly - how to make a product to help online stores earn more.


    Adaptation flexibility

    The two main problems of previous generations of Shop-Script that most of our customers have encountered are the complexity of customizing the logic of the scripts and the rigid table layout (what happened, what happened ...). Since each store has its own characteristics, and everyone needs their own beautiful showcase, it was impossible to move on without solving the problem of flexibility.

    In Shop-Script 5, we solved this problem by first developing an entire PHP framework and creating a new Shop-Script based on it. The second problem was solved by itself after redoing design templates from scratch. I had to sacrifice the ability to automatically transfer the design from previous generations of products, however, this allowed us to make the design editor truly flexible in configuring templates.

    (You can see examples of layout using the example of the Blog and Photo applications ; for the new Shop-Script, design templates will be published together with the official release of the product, and they will be built in a similar way.)


    Product Search

    Searching with help is %LIKE%, of course, an option, but a bad one.

    To implement a search in Shop-Script 5, we index all products, taking into account morphology and setting different weights for descriptions, arbitrary custom characteristics, categories and types of products. If you are not too lazy and fill out a few keywords for categories (not for individual products, but only for product categories), this will allow visitors to the store’s front-end to find products by query such as “white iPhone”, “video card with dvi”, “snowboard mounts” .

    Featured Products

    The recommendation of similar and related products based on different criteria:
    - based on data that other customers bought with products that the buyer added to the basket
    - based on the values ​​of the characteristics of the products, which is useful to recommend similar and more expensive models to the buyer.

    When the store is just starting to work and there is not enough data, these mechanisms can still be used, because you can always determine where the user came from, what products and categories were viewed, whether he searched for something by searching in the store, etc.


    Printed forms for orders

    Experience shows that online stores (especially small ones) operating in Russia take an incredible amount of time to process paperwork: preparing invoices, waybills, and especially filling out forms by the Russian Post when sending parcel orders. After you send a few parcels to the nearest post office, it becomes clear that the function of automated filling in forms (directly on top of GIF images ready for printing) is not just a cool feature, but a necessary thing.

    We still receive a lot of grateful feedback from users of previous versions of Shop-Script for this seemingly simple function.

    Webasyst internal API

    In the product description, you can fully use Smarty and integrate Shop-Script with other installed applications using the Webasyst internal API. For example, using the design, {$photos = $wa->photos->photos(‘tag/nexus7’)}you can get all the photos from the Photos application with the tag “nexus7” and then display them in the product description using {foreach $photos}...{/foreach}.

    And there are a lot of different functions like selling services, multi-storage, follow-up messages, SMS notifications, etc. All these features will be available in Shop-Script 5 right out of the box.

    In the future, an app store will be opened for Shop-Script 5 and the Webasyst framework, through which it will be possible to install new themes, plugins and modules directly through the browser with one click (the framework itself downloads scripts from the server and installs them).

    Shop-Script 5 will go on sale March 12, 2013, and from today, the functionality of the new product can be found in detail on the website .

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