G + is closed to the old Opera Presto

Google has long been aware of the tendency to artificially restrict alternative browsers to access their resources. This was especially noticeable on Opera (Presto), which I used and use, and today I got a complete fuck-up in G + when trying to enter any of its pages.

Yesterday, October 13, 2014, access for Opera 12.17 (Presto) was open and G + displayed correctly.

Mail gmail until it works and access to youtube too (although the comments are displayed curve for a week, I suspect that some of the same artificial reasons), but you are not logged in or not important - in G +no access already. The new version of Opera (Blink) works fine and does not experience any problems. These are the things and it’s sad - they artificially fenced an unwanted browser.

For me, the problem is quite relevant, since only Opera Presto consumes RAM efficiently with many open tabs. The new version with the Blink engine devours memory mercilessly. Other browsers do not behave better. In the same G +, the difference in memory used can be from 1.5 times between Presto and Blink.

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