REFLECT - browser [2D] game from scratch in 9 days

    Hello everyone!

    Astrologers have announced a week of hackathons.

    The topic is almost Friday, post, count, on Friday. We are a company of friends who wants to try our hand at developing the browser-based game "REFLECT" in a short time.

    Interest in hackathons appeared in us after several recent articles on the Habr. This march throw is somewhat different in format, we called it “ HAHAUTON ”.

    The start is scheduled for today (December 15, 2012) at 15:00 Moscow time. We invite you to visit the broadcast (16+), take a look at github and take part in comments, tips and ideas.

    In addition to this weekend, work on the project will continue over the next week, approximately 2 to 4 hours on weekdays, after 19:00, plus the first weekend after the end of the world.

    About our bunch in pictures:

    Ivan limon (Programmer). Basic skills: mathematics, physics.

    Maxim (Programmer). Basic skills: Actionscript 3.0.

    Albert (Internet, PR). Basic skills: SMM, focus on eating, multi-sleeping.
    In case of fire, take out first.

    Ivan (graphics). Basic skills: Photoshop, Illustrator.

    Dmitry (game design). Basic skills: SEO, layout.

    Vladislav (sound). Basic skills: acrobatics trainer. Twists two.

    Eugene. (graphics). Basic skills: web design.

    As planned, the main character will be a small robot that will have to fight with the waves of enemy units, but at the same time there will be no weapons in its arsenal. The gameplay is to repel the blows of enemies with the Shield. That is, in order to kill the enemy, it is necessary to repel his shot and kill the bastard with his own weapons. There will be a lot of parasite units, they will climb from all sides, and the player’s task will not die and hold out the maximum amount of time (a la Crimsonland). It will be more difficult to cope with each new wave, but additional power up funds will appear on the map as small bonuses, which will allow you to gain an advantage for a short time. In principle, a non-standard combat model is the main feature of this adventure.

    The goal is to release a fully working version of a simple browser game. We give up many details that would make the game more fun and exciting, and emphasize simplicity and performance. If we have time, we will also make versions for Android and iOS, but to be honest, we don’t yet know how :)

    During the broadcast, you can see how work is being done on the game, as well as how we relax during breaks at a party or two in StarCraft II 4x4.

    After the game “REFLECT” we plan to take on a slightly more complex project. We are pleased to accept ideas for consideration.

    >>> Selected Development Tools <<<

    Aptana Studio. Free, pretty development environment. It has a normal JS debug, integrated Git command line.

    Git. Version control system. The time has come to master, finally.

    Github repository

    EaselJS. Javascript canvas HTML5 engine. I fell in love with him from the first lines of the source when examples. Simple, concise. In the neighborhood there is work with sound and twins.

    jQuery Where without him?

    The server side of the high score table is PHP + MySQL.

    In order to prevent google closure questions, we decided to do without it so far to be a little closer to pure JS, plus: and there is so much to figure out, there are no professional JS programmers among us.

    In order not to start completely “zero”, the EaselJS engine was tested in advance and the following functionality was prepared: game scene manager, scene preparation from the menu, scene preparation with the game, image preloader. Due to the fact that in some browsers it is forbidden by the security policy to upload local images to JS, a simple httpServer.exe is written for local tests, and for mac owners, the downloaded macOShttpServer is uploaded to the repository (thanks to Dima ) You should run the project locally using these “servers” " All this can be viewed and downloaded here .

    If the site lays down for any reason, the blog of this buffoonery will be kept in the VKontakte group . Direct broadcast links: limon , Maxim, Albert , Dmitry , Ivan , Vladislav , all together .

    We do not ask, but do not refuse help in any of its manifestations: the idea of ​​a logo, its implementation, outline of enemies, tips on optimizing the code, improving the structure, refactoring, etc.

    UPD (Dec 24, 2012 7:00 a.m.)
    Hello everyone! To summarize:
    Maxim is currently finishing the last letters of the code and will upload it to the site. For 9 days (2Xweeks + 5Xweeking evenings), according to my estimates, not a little has been done. The idea, as we saw it, turned out to be more difficult to implement than it seemed to us. Despite this, almost everything was completed except for the balance of the game, sounds and music (we picked them up, cut them, but didn’t have time to embed them in software), code refactoring (at the end we were especially poorly coded, something needs to be optimized), the record table is not protected, There are several bugs that require fixing, not filled info and credits. All this is planned to be done in the near future in order to put an end to it. As a result: a huge amount of experience was received by all of us, a huge amount of pleasure from working with friends, from communicating with other developers. Thank you all again! We do not say goodbye :-)

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