New version of github: gist

    The Github team continues to delight with their updates, and this time they invite us to try the completely updated github: gist .

    For those who were not familiar with this service before - Gist is designed to exchange pieces of code (and not just code) between people. Gist is based on the git version control system, which makes it possible to collaborate on material, support forks and versioning.

    Gist managed to become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of the Open Source community. For example, the performance patch for ruby, recently mentioned on the hub , is distributed in such a simple way .

    What's new?

    In fact, everything is new. The service code was written from scratch, using better libraries and the official style guide . The interface has changed, it has become more convenient and more integrated, and now it keeps pace with the functionality of the github itself.

    In their blog, the developers listed the most important innovations.

    Discover gists

    It has become easier to wander around the histoes, study them and look for the necessary ones. It's nice that duplicates fell out of the search results, and the search engine itself adopted the convenience of his big brother, who, however, still undergoes various transformations at the github itself . But, as was rightly noted , the 21st century is in the yard, and the paginator has not yet been screwed up with the loading of the results with an ajax.

    Ace Editor

    Now Gist uses Ace . The choice is also inspired by the recent changes in the big brother. Ace is a very nice code editor built into the Open Source browser. It is used by companies such as Firefox, Codecademy and Cloud9 IDE. Implemented drag'n'drop support.

    I would not refuse to use it on a habr, by the way.

    Histo story

    The process of viewing the history of a single histo has become simple and straightforward. There is a normal diff, a complete history of changes, a list of forks (although it was before, but still underwent a redesign).


    It has become much easier to follow the forks of the hist. Now you can find popular and active forks, look into them, look at people, show yourself.

    What next?

    The list of innovations does not end there, but this is all that can be understood at first glance, guided only by an official blog post. The team rejoices at the update and calls for making the remaining discoveries on their own. If you actively use this excellent service, and have noticed something else - write in the comments, I will be happy to supplement the post with your thoughts.

    Welcome to the new Gist!

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