Every 3 months in the USA, a billion-dollar high-tech software company is created

Original author: Lo Min Ming
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Ron Conway ( by Ron Conway, NH ) once said: "In the past the company worth a billion dollars created every 3 months now every 2". I got a chance to make my list of "billionaires." I tried to limit this list to only high-tech software companies. I also added several companies with a value of about a billion (~ 0.7 billion or more).

I should clarify that, in the context of the quote, Ron basically meant the US high-tech software companies. There are many such companies outside the United States (especially in China) - the list could be much longer.

Basically he was right. Everyone speaks for it.

Software companies worth 4 billion were created every year, with the exception of the period 2000-2002.

Break from 2000-2002 associated with the collapse of the dotcoms. Everything began to return to normal near the end of 2003 (Skype in August). 2004 was the return year of the dotcom era (Facebook, Palantir, Yelp, Evernote).

Take a look around. Over the past 3 months, another company worth a billion dollars was born.

It follows that about 8 companies in 2011-2012. will grow significantly in the future. They are still small, but we will recognize their value in the coming years. I have included several companies founded in 2009-2010, which, I think, have potential. It’s much harder to set rates for companies in 2011-2012. Google Docs

document to update the list of companies. Thanks phreeza (HN).

CompanyFounded byMarket Capitalization / Value * / Purchase Price ^
Solarwinds1998$ 3.9 billion
NetSuite1998$ 4.3 billion
VMware199837 billion $
Opentable1998 Jul$ 1 billion
Google1998 Sep210 billion $
Rackspace1998 Oct$ 8 billion
Paypal1998 Dec1.5 billion $ ^
Zappos19991.2 billion $ ^
Surveymonkey1999$ 1 billion *
Opsware19991.6 billion $ ^
SalesForce1999 Mar$ 19 billion
Shutterfly1999 Dec$ 0.9 billion
Netezza20001.7 billion $ ^
Arcight20001.5 billion $ ^
ExactTarget20001.3 billion $
Billmeler20000.9 billion $ ^
Pandora2000 Jan1.3 billion $
Tripadvisor2000 Feb4.8 billion $
SuccessFactors20013.4 billion $ ^
Guidewire20011.5 billion $
Dealertrack20011.1 billion $
Jive2001 Feb0.8 billion $
Kiva systems20000.8 billion $ ^
LinkedIn2002 Dec10 billion $
ServiceNow2003$ 3.7 billion
Skype2003 Aug8.5 billion $ ^
Glam media2003 Sep0.7 billion $ *
Palantir20042.5 billion $ *
Splunk20042.6 billion $
Kayak2004 Jan1.8 billion $
Facebook2004 Feb$ 41 billion
Evernote2004 Sep$ 1 billion *
Yelp2004 Oct1.1 billion $
Palo alto networks2005$ 3.5 billion
Box20051.2 billion $ *
Zillow2005$ 0.7 billion
Bebo2005 Jan0.85 billion $ ^
Homeway2005 Feb$ 2 billion *
YouTube2005 Feb1.1 billion $ ^
Workday2005 Mar$ 7.7 billion
Millennial media2006$ 1.2 billion
Twitter2006 Mar8 billion $ *
Demand media2006 May$ 0.7 billion
Nicira2007$ 1.2 billion
Gilt groupe2007 $ 1 billion *
Tumblr2007 Feb0.8 billion $ *
Hulu2007 Mar$ 2 billion *
Dropbox2007 Jun4 billion $ *
Living social2007 Jul2.9 billion $ *
Zynga2007 Jul1.6 billion $
Github2008 Feb0.8 billion $ *
Airbnb2008 Aug2.5 billion $ *
Yammer2008 Sep1.2 billion $ ^
Groupon2008 Nov1.8 billion $
Pinterest2008/09$ 1 billion *
Square2009 Feb3.2 billion $ *
Storm82009 Mar$ 1 billion *
Quora2009 Jun~
Getround2009 Sep~
Fab2010 Feb0.7 billion $ *
Instagram2010 Mar1 billion $ ^
Stripe2010 Jun~
Skillshare2010 Nov~

Market cap (Market cap) is indicated for public companies (as of November 2012)
* - the assessment of companies is “rumored”, so to speak, “that the wind informed”
^ - the transaction price, at the last purchase of the company (for example, Skype was sold several times)
~ - including companies that, in my opinion, have a chance to grow to a billion dollars.
I could not find the exact founding dates for most companies.

Let me know if I missed something.

translator's note:

I personally was surprised to find that I know only about 15% of the companies on the list. Interestingly, is it that I am so behind the times and do not feel the software development trends at all? Or is it our common Russian misfortune?

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