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    So a new super-habr has opened, in which there are enough new innovations, both positive and not very. About one of those that "not really" I would like to write.

    Namely: the allocation of new posts in the comments. Everything used to be simple and tasteful: it stood out with a frame and the new posts were clearly visible, but now it just lights up in the spirit:

    It’s very faded and you have to break your eyes to get new ones in the commentary stream. Against the backlight as such, I do not mind, just make it more distinct by lowering the current # F8F8FF to at least # F2F2FF:

    As they say, "... feel the difference."

    UPD:It turns out much worse than I expected. If it is possible to make out the difference on my LCD, some do not even see that there is still a backlight function. I will try to add more colors (# E8E8FF):

    UPD No. 2: Thank you TM for taking care of our eyes. G)

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