The solar table will energize

    In the United States, sales of a table began, the cover of which is replaced by a solar battery, reports Engadget. The table is called SunTable and costs 2.2 thousand dollars.

    The surface of the table is covered with solar panels that charge the nickel-metal hydride battery installed in the table. The latter can serve as a power source for various electronics. For its full charge is enough four hours of finding the table in the sun.

    The energy of the fully charged battery installed in SunTable is enough to watch TV, or work with a laptop, for four hours. The SunTable can last six hours as a power source for an incandescent lamp.

    SunTable weighs 20.4 kilograms. The dimensions of the table are 45.7x78.7x137.2 centimeters. Thanks to the waterproof coating, SunTable can be used in all weather conditions.


    Green Technology. That's all right. Still, it was all accessible to everyone, and everyone cared about the environment.

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