Launch xxkb in Slackware 12.1


    There is such an excellent indicator of keyboard layouts, called xxkb . I used this program almost from the very beginning of acquaintance with Linux and was always pleased. I decided to build this program in Slackware 12.1 here. A small indicator in the form of a flag in the window title - what could be more convenient?

    It is also worth noting that xxkb itself does not load layouts and does not manipulate them. It just displays the status of xkb. However, you can read about all this on the site .

    Package preparation

    Download xxkb-1.10.tgz . Unpack, try to assemble.

    $ xmkmf
    $ make

    I haven’t succeeded.

    resource.c: 387: error: label at the end of a compound statement

    Open the file, go to line 387. Replace the

    } construct



    Now everything is in order. Prepare the patch.

    $ diff -u resource.c.orig resource.c | gzip> patch.resource.c.gz

    Create a directory hierarchy and copy our files there, something like:

    xxkb / patches / patch.resource.c.gz
    xxkb / slack-desc
    xxkb / xxbk-1.10.tgz
    xxkb / xxkb. SlackBuild

    We take the slack-desc and SlackBuild files from the Slackware distribution package and edit them to your needs. In slack-desc I just put the description taken from the official website of the program.

    I won’t give the whole SlackBuild, here is the description of the changes:

    PKGNAM = xxkb
    VERSION = $ {VERSION: -1.10}

    Next, we slightly correct the code responsible for patching

    zcat $ file | patch -p1 || exit 1

    replace with

    zcat $ file | patch -p0 || exit 1

    in the build code, add

    xmkmf before the make call

    and finally fix the loop that copies the documentation to the target directory so that it processes all the documentation files included in xxkb.

    cp -a \
    $ PKG / usr / doc / $ {PKGNAM} - $ VERSION



    Run the newly created xxkb.SlackBuild, in / tmp find the generated package and perform the installation of

    $ sudo installpkg xxkb-1.10-i486-1.tgz


    The program stores its settings in the file

    / etc / X11 / app-defaults / XXkb

    I turned off the main window of the program

    XXkb.mainwindow.enable: no

    and changed the location of the indicator in the window title

    XXkb.button.geometry: 15x15-45 + 2

    That's all :-) Thanks to Ivan Pascal for the excellent program!

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