Prices for components 10 years ago

    Today, putting things in order in his desk, among the papers, I found the old price list of one of the local companies that supply components. Then the Internet was tight, and the price list in computer companies was widely distributed in print. I decided to share my nostalgia ( carefully, a little traffic ).

    The price list is dated July 08, 2002, that is, a little more than 10 years have passed (the course in the price by the way is 31.70). This was just the period when I tried to pick up my first computer, searched cheaper, so that it was easier to persuade my parents to buy, apparently in one of the rounds of local companies and took this price list, and then he, apparently, was successfully lost among the papers.

    So, looking at him, you clearly understand how everything has changed over 10 years. Modems, in the form in which they were then, actually died out. For 2000 p. Previously, you could take Celeron 950 Mhz, but now Pentium is 3 times higher with two cores. 256Mb of memory were just chic then, but now the OS after loading takes up 2 times more RAM and a video card with 32Mb on board can only be found on mobile phones. Floppy disks, ZIp drives, CD-ROMs can no longer be found in stores ... Eh ... I

    felt, I must say, a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. I hope someone was also pleased by such news from 2002.

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