Root Transmission: get Root rights on one Android device using another Android device

    Many of us prefer to root the Android device immediately after its purchase. Someone wants to add functions, someone just for the sake of interest does all this. Yes, and there are a lot of software tools that help root Android device, I don’t want to download it. But there is one program that stands out among several others. This is Root Transmission, a software that allows you to get Root rights on one Android device using another Adnroid device, without including a PC in this chain.

    In order to use Root Transmission, you need to connect the two mentioned devices to each other with a USB cable, and click the “Root” button. True, there are certain requirements for the device, which is the main one. Firstly, one of the devices should already be under root, and secondly, it should support USB On The Go (OTG). Yes, and a USB OTG cable should be.

    For many users, of course, it’s easier to connect your device to a PC, and work with it like that. Root Transmission is suitable for those who do not have a laptop or PC at hand, plus this software was created to demonstrate the fact that a tablet or smartphone is still a mobile computer, and not just a phone.

    Now the application supports the rooting of devices such as the first generation Amazon Kindle Fire, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II and several other models.

    Here you can find more detailed information on the script, as well as the application itself: xda-developers

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