Virtual Jeopardy! with Watson

    Good afternoon, dear Habrausers!

    Perhaps you have seen a comic game online the New York Times of The , on the participation of IBM Watson supercomputer in the game show «of Jeopardy!» .
    If not, welcome to the cat :)

    As you probably know, in February 2011, the IBM Watson supercomputer beat the two strongest participants in the game “Jeopardy!” (In Russia, “Your Game”) - Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter ( Brad Rutter).
    Game The Watson Trivia Challenge was created six months before this important event, when Watson passed the test of the game .
    The rules in the game are very simple. 6 categories of 5 questions each. The virtual host asks a question, and you are given a choice (there are no speed competitions, unfortunately or fortunately) - you can either answer or refuse the answer. In the event of a refusal or an incorrect answer, the move passes to Watson. The more complex the question, the more you can win or lose.
    Unfortunately, the game has only 30 questions (restarting the game, you will see an identical picture), so I can’t post screenshots with questions :)

    Will we play?

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