Google Drive now supports publishing websites

    On Habré repeatedly appeared notes on how you can use Dropbox to maintain the operation of a small website. Google Drive now also has a similar function, and dancing with a tambourine to configure the maintenance of web content is not necessary. According to the developers, you just need to upload HTML files and other information, set the rights, and that’s all - the site is ready, it works.

    However, in order for the files you uploaded to work the same as a single site, you need to link these files in the Google Drive folder using webViewLink. The instruction is here .

    webViewLink simplifies the display of each html page in the address bar of the browser. If you do not use webViewLink, a complex set of numbers and letters will be displayed in the browser for each page of your site uploaded to Google Drive. And the indicated action will allow the system to begin to recognize paths of the type ““ images / kittens.jpg. ”In addition, if you do not have an index file (index.html in this case), then the system will simply show the set of files in the folder when trying to get to the site Actually, this is the standard for many hosting companies.

    It is clear that online stores, blogs and portals will not work normally in such a system. But here’s a portfolio, an online resume, a business card page, all this will work. what are the restrictions on traffic, but it is unlikely that these restrictions, if any, will t quite so hard.

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