Presentation of the AstMedCom Team

    AstMedCom is a team of like-minded people from Astrakhan with successful experience in planning and conducting research on innovative projects that correspond to those main areas of medicine (including clinical medicine, laboratory diagnostics, creating diagnostic systems), information technologies, automation and robotics that will ensure efficiency development of a mobile diagnostic device.


    The MDA team will allow you to diagnose the entire spectrum of diseases indicated in the terms of reference for the selection. Its main task is to identify the patient's diseases in the early stages and prevent the transition of the identified diseases into a chronic form. The device does not require special technical knowledge from the user, has an intuitive user-friendly interface.

    MDU actively uses cloud technologies and easily integrates with any medical information systems. The MDU under development implements all the functions of the telemedicine system for the simultaneous transmission of video images and patient status data, this will allow the patient to receive qualified consultations without visiting a medical institution, while simultaneously reducing the doctor’s time spent on collecting an anamnesis. The use of this system is especially convenient for people at risk who need systematic medical supervision in real time.

    The MDL has an emergency call button. A distinctive feature of this system is its ability to carry out Holter monitoring of cardiac parameters, pressure and temperature parameters. In the proposed MDU, non-contact cardiological sensors are used, they are installed in a special belt that is worn on the patient’s body, this design simplifies the installation and positioning of cardiac sensors. The belt does not constrain movement, there is no problem of spontaneous disconnection of the electrodes.

    The technique developed by the team for identifying and determining the degree of angina pectoris allowed to abandon the classical scheme based on the use of an exercise bike. All sensors of the device are wireless, have a built-in battery and are equipped with a contactless charging system. To determine the saturation of oxygen and hemoglobin, the device uses a spectrometric sensor of its own design. The device is equipped with a photometric scanner of test strips, as a result of which the measurement accuracy increases (due to the exclusion of individual characteristics of human color perception).

    At the moment, prototype mock-ups of the MDU have already been developed and work is underway to create a laboratory prototype.

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